Top Activities that Will Help Promote Speech and Language Development

Every child has their developmental timetables; some are fast to hit their milestones, while others are delayed. The same goes for speech and language development. Some children are early bloomers when it comes to communication skills, while others are delayed.


What are the causes of delayed speech and language development?

There are a couple of reasons why there are children whose speech and language development are delayed; these reasons include:

  • Hearing impairment
  • Slow speech and language developmental skills
  • Psychological deprivation; this happens when the child does not have enough chances to talk to adults or without encouragement to speak.
  • Elective mutism (the child does not want to talk)
  • Autism
  • Intellectual disability
  • Cerebral palsy

What is speech and language developmental delay?

Speech and language problems differ from each other, but often have common characteristics;

  • Language delay is a developmental problem where the child is unable to put words together in a typical sequence.
  • Speech delay, on the other hand, is diagnosed when the child can use words and phrases but not in a typical and understandable sequence to express his or her idea.

What are the things you should do as a parent?

With early detection of speech and language developmental delay, Speech-Language Pathologists will provide effective therapies to help children with such developmental delays. And as parents, here are some useful activities that will help promote speech and language development:

#1: Focus on clear communication

For a child with delayed speech and language development, they need to be in clear interactive communication with the adults. You should speak slowly and clearly; you should emphasize each word on how it is used. For instance, you will be taking your child for a bath, you have to say it slowly and clearly and let them understand what bath means.

Also, remember the level of your speech and language with your child’s; do not use words or phrases that are not easy to understand. Speak to them at their level of language.

#2: Read some speech and language books for late-talkers

There are useful picture books that are specially written for late-talkers; at this website, you will find top books to help children with speech and language delay. Everyday practice reading will help your child learn and remember words that are pivotal to speech and language development.

#3: Use flashcards

Like books, some flashcards are useful for children with speech and language developmental delays. You can practice flashcards every day, but use at least one-three words per two-three days. Do not push your child to learn new words each day because this will cause negative results. Instead, play words with reward.

Final Thoughts

Speech and language improvement activities aren’t easy for both child with speech and language developmental delay and the parents; however, with the help of medical professionals, preferably speech-language pathologists, every milestone becomes memorable and rewarding.

So, as parents, do not give up. Support your child’s speech and language developmental needs.

For additional tips and advice, try to visit the Speech and Sound Clinic’s website.

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