Top 5 Ways on How to Give a Scratch-Free Bath to a Cat

Do cats need a bath? Yes, they do, but not as regular as bathing your dogs. However, taking your cat to a bath is one battle to conquer, or else you’ll end up having scratches all over your arms. Fortunately, there are ways to survive a scratch-free bath to a cat.

Cats are low maintenance compared to dogs that require scheduled grooming. Although cats can groom themselves, they also need to take bath with water and cat shampoo. However, since cats dislike baths, things become tough for their human paw parents. Check out the different subtle but notable cat behaviors at Obey My Cat to understand more of them.

If you have recently adopted a kitten or an adult cat but do not know how to make them like bathing, here are some useful ways on how to give a scratch-free bath to your cat.

#1: Know the right time for your cat to take a bath

As early as 6-weeks old, you can bathe your cat. However, do not give your cat a bat as frequently as bathing your dogs; in most cases, you do not need to bother at all. The reason for the ‘no-bathing rule’ for cats is not only because they hate water but because you are deleting their so-called ‘ID or identification’. According to the experts, cats lick themselves and other cats to cover their body and their kin with their scent – their identification.

However, there are exemptions to the ‘no-bathing rule’, and these include the following:

  • Your cat is covered with dirt or mud.
  • Your newly adopted cat is infested with fleas.
  • Your cat is one of those hairless breeds that require bathing every once a week.
  • Your cat is elderly or an obese one.

#2: Prepare your cat for a bath

Firstly, you need to clip your cat’s claws to avoid getting scratches when your cat tries to escape. Then, prepare the tub or the area where you plan to bathe your cat. Place a towel or a rubber mat near the tub or the sink where they can sink their claws into. Prepare water and shampoo solution. Lastly, organize your bating supplies before you start.

#3: Wash the cat in an orderly manner

To avoid getting scratches, you need to prevent your cat from getting surprised because of the water. Here is how you should bathe your cat:

  • First, by using a washcloth, clean the cat’s face.
  • Next, cover the cat’s eyes and ears using the washcloth; this will keep the cat still.
  • Slowly wet your cat’s coat and make sure it is wet thoroughly.
  • Apply the water and shampoo solution; do not use human shampoo, make sure it is one of those pet shampoos in the market today.
  • Rinse the cat thoroughly.

#4: Dry your cat properly

Dry your cat by wrapping him or her with an absorbent towel. Keep your cat warm for a short while. Then, using another dry towel, pat dry your cat’s face, legs, and tail. You may also use a hairdryer to dry the cat but should be in a low and cool setting. Lastly, dry comb your cat.

#5: Reward your cat

It was an exhausting battle for your cat. And to make them feel happy, you should reward your cat with his or her favorite treat and plenty of cuddles.

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