Things to Remember When Upgrading Ethernet Cable for Gaming

You have finally decided to upgrade your Ethernet cable for better gaming performance. But take note that shopping for Ethernet cables is not that easy! Remember these pointers when switching Ethernet cables.

Ethernet connections are relatively faster rather than lower latency Wi-Fi connections. However, it does entirely mean that the former can speed up internet connections. For instance, if your internet connection is at the speed of 70Mbps download speed, using an Ethernet cable won’t do any difference.

The function of Ethernet cable is to increase signal transmission at local network speeds. It speeds up data transfer from one device to another network. In gaming, connecting the router to the gaming console using an Ethernet cable significantly improves gaming performance. It limits the chances of interrupts and interferences, thereby allowing you are more enjoyable game time.

Though Ethernet cables support faster data transfer, it does not imply that all types of Ethernet cables have similar transfer rates. Older versions are slower compared to the latest cable categories. For example, Cat-5 Ethernet is slower than a Cat-7 cable. The former is prone to lagging, whereas the latter has incredible data transfer speed. If you are still using an older cable category, now is the right time to upgrade your Ethernet connections.

Take note that shopping for Ethernet cables is not that simple. Remember these tips while upgrading your Ethernet to avoid wasting cash.

Reminder #1: Check the Cable Category

Beware that not all Ethernet cables are compatible with some devices. For example, if you are using a Cat-6 Ethernet cable, it is best to upgrade to a Cat-6e. Additionally, make sure all the cables in the network are of the same category. If you choose a cable different from the rest, it could affect the device’s performance.

Therefore, choose a cable from the same category. If you are going to change one of the cables, it is best to change them all.

Reminder #2: Manufacture Origin

Many devices come with Ethernet connections, including gaming systems.

When you switch the original cable with one coming from another manufacturer, there is a chance that the cable will not work effectively. It could slow down the device’s performance and data transmission.

Take note of the manufacturer of the cable. Buy one from the same manufacturer to guarantee the compatibility of the cable and the device.

If you can’t find a cable from the same manufacturer, there are universal Ethernet cables in the market. These options work well and a good alternative when the brand you need is not available in your location.

Reminder #3: Are You Using a DSL Modem?

If you are using a DSL modem, make sure to go through the manual. You will have to connect the device through an Ethernet Crossover Cable if you are planning to switch cables to a different category.

Ethernet and Patch cables have RJ45 gold plated male jacks. This feature allows you to attach any category of Ethernet cord. If you were using a Cat-5 cable and decides to upgrade for a Cat-6 Ethernet, you must learn how to connect the cable using the crossover cable.

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