How to Reduce and Treat Crow’s Feet

Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of aging. Its formation is an indication that your skin’s collagen and elastin levels are decreasing. Moreover, it tells you that the skin has become slower in producing new skin cells.

Aside from wrinkles and fine lines, another skin issue that many elders have is crow’s feet. It appears around the eyes forming creases. Crow’s feet are more susceptible near the eyes since the skin around this area is more delicate. When you make facial expressions, those lines become more prominent because of muscle contractions happening in the face.

What Causes Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet form primarily due to frequent squinting and rubbing of the eyes. However, other factors could influence this condition. Here it is.

  • Exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays that causes skin damage
  • Hormonal changes in women, especially during menopause
  • Smoking
  • Constantly sleeping in one position

How to Get Rid and Reduce Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are not a serious skin problem, unlike severe acne breakout that you’ll need medication. It is quite easy to manage and treat. Below are some tips to guide you in treating crow’s feet.

  • Avoid Sun Exposure

As much as possible, limit your exposure to sun and harmful UV rays; if you need to go outdoors, make sure to protect yourself from those elements. Apply sunscreen with high SPF and wear long clothing to protect your skin. Wearing a hat and sunglasses will also diminish sun exposure on the face. Likewise, sunglasses reduce glare and prevent you from squinting.

  • Don’t Stretch Delicate Skin

Be conscious of the ways you can stretch the skin around your eyes. For example, stop yourself from frequently rubbing your eyes, resting your head on your hand, and frowning. And when you sleep, try to change positions. Do not sleep on one side for a long duration.

  • Boost Skin Hydration Levels

Similar to wrinkles, crow’s feet are a consequence of dry skin. Poor moisture levels on the skin encourage the formation of fine lines like crow’s feet. You can restore your skin’s moisture by using a moisturizer.

You can buy a moisturizer at the nearest drug store. But if you prefer a more affordable option to moisturize the skin, you can use various organic solutions available in your kitchen. For example, aloe vera, coconut oil, egg white, cucumber, and lemon can help soften the skin around your eyes. Moreover, these solutions are rich in antioxidants that support detoxification. Also, they contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for the skin.

These solutions are also effective in reducing wrinkles. But if you need a more detailed guide about removing wrinkles, you can go to this source,

  • Provide Extra Care on Skin

Give your skin extra love and care by following a healthy diet. Furthermore, religiously do basic skin care tips to prevent different skin problems either brought by free radical damage or aging. By following these tips, you can protect your skin and keep it gorgeous-looking despite being beyond 65.

More Thoughts

Aging is not a reason to stop caring for your skin. The more you gain years, the more you have to take care of your skin. To find out additional details about skin care tips for seniors, go to this reliable source.

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