Best Vacation Destinations Covered by Southwest Airlines

Traveling feeds the soul. The beautiful sceneries you encounter, either in small countries or remote beaches, drain all the stress and pressure of living in the metropolis. Also, exploring and experiencing other cultures will open your eyes to the world.

If you have been thinking of traveling before, chances are you already have a bucket list of travel destinations. No surprise there if you picked an airline company for these getaways.

But if it is your first time traveling and has no idea where to begin, below are some of the best vacation destinations covered by Southwest Airlines, one of U.S. trustworthy airline companies today.

#1 Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the favorite tourist destinations of travelers around the globe. Most tourist who visits Hawaii falls in love with its serene beauty and vibrant culture. Moreover, it is the best place to go for couples searching for a romantic getaway. It is also a perfect vacation spot for a family who wants to cool off in summer.

#2 Central America

Central America is a great vacation spot for adventurous travelers. If you love to hike, do water sports, and be with nature, Central America has a lot to offer from ancient landmarks, challenging trails, and more.

The top places you shouldn’t miss while in Central America are:

  • Belize
  • Liberia
  • San Jose

#3The Caribbean

If island hopping is your kind of vacation, the Caribbean is the best one for you.

The Caribbean is popular for its stunning islands, wherein each one has a unique personality to offer. The place also offers various underwater adventures that allow you to have a closer look of Caribbean’s marine life

And if you get tired of going to the sea, explore the mountain views of the Caribbean and relax. After a tiring day of exploration, make sure to fill your appetite with their famous local cuisines.


If you have been to the Caribbean but still wishes more to explore the vast seas, Mexico is your next destination.

Mexico is a great place for soaking up the sun, surfing, diving, and urban nightlife. Aside from relaxing, make sure to experience their culture and tasty food.

#5 United States

The United States has a lot to offer besides its skyscrapers, parks, and entertainment industry. All you have to do is choose the right place to experience a never-before trip in the U.S.

Examples of cities you might want to visit in the U.S. are Denver, Oakland, Orlando, Baltimore, and Atlanta, but if you prefer some city action, the top choice in the U.S. in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

More Travel Ideas

The above travel destinations are only some of the best locations that Southwest Airlines covers. To learn more about it, you can find all Southwest Airlines destinations right here. Also, you can check this source to know additional details on Southwest Airlines services, routes, and many more.

Remember that the key to a great travel experience starts with choosing a good airline. No matter how beautiful the vacation spot you choose, but once you experience troubles with the airline, it all becomes a nightmare. Thus, make sure to plan before traveling.

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