Tips in Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Turkey Fryer for You

Are you looking for the best ways to prepare turkey for Thanksgiving? Do you want to make sure that you can preserve its natural juices and flavor? If that is the case, a turkey fryer is necessary. It would make the preparation easier and you could serve the best homemade deep-fried turkey for your special ones.

Why Should You Use a Deep Fryer for Your Turkey?

A deep fryer is a simple kitchen appliance that can help you in creating your favorite meals to a different level. It is simple to use and you can use it to prepare different kinds of foods.

Here are some reasons why you should get one:

  • It makes the turkey delicious, golden and crispy

When you deep fry a turkey, you can achieve a crispy brown crust with amazing flavors. Aside from that, it is safe to use if you follow the instructions. It works with different kinds of oil but it is recommended that you use peanut oil.

  • It saves time and oven space

When you use a deep fryer to prepare a turkey, you can cook it in just 30 minutes. When you cook it in the oven, it would take you at least four hours. With that said, it means that you could save a lot of time in preparing the turkey. Moreover, the oven would be available to prepare other dishes. You can use the oven to bake casseroles and roast potatoes instead.

How Does a Deep Fryer Work?

Deep fryers make frying fast and easy. It would be perfect to use in cooking a fried turkey which is a famous Southern cuisine. It is less time-consuming and safer compared to roasting and grilling.

Deep fryers have different parts. But here are the most common parts that you can see on most deep fryer models:

  • Lifter
  • Thermometer
  • Burner
  • Stockpot with lid
  • Poultry holder

The stockpot is made with aluminum or stainless steel. If you are going to choose between the two, it is best that you choose a stainless steel stockpot. It might be more expensive but it is more durable.

When you use a deep fryer, the poultry will be completely immersed in hot oil. The process will make the turkey achieve a complex aroma and a crispy texture.

There are fryer models that require only 50 percent of the oil in deep frying. It means that you could also save oil compared to using traditional fryers.

Others even have auto shut-off feature, plastic handles, and a built-in timer. When you want fancier ones, you can buy fryers with temperature control, vented lids, and an LED screen.

Is it Healthy to Eat Deep Fried Food?

They say that eating fried food is unhealthy, but that can sometimes be untrue. It will still depend on the kind oil that was used in frying.

In using a turkey fryer, you can use any kind of oil. However, it is recommended that you use oils with a high smoke point like canola oil and sunflower oil.

If you want to narrow down your options in choosing a deep fryer, you can read these comparisons of the best turkey deep fryer for your money.

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