The Perfect Bow 101 Guide for Starters

When talking about hobbies and interests we barely hear someone talk about archery. This is a sport that has been around over the years, but only a few has truly engaged in it. If you are someone who is new to the topic, you can read on to know more about the basics. Let us get started on knowing the different parts of a bow.

A recurve bow is a common type of bow that is used by many. You can find different materials that talk about different topics like how to shoot a recurve bow. To get started, knowing its different parts can give you an idea of how it is handled.

The arrow rest is the part where the bow is placed during the draw. This can come as a fixed rest or a spring-loaded or magnetic flip rest. The back is the part of the bow that is facing the target. The belly is the part that should be facing you. The bow sight is an aiming aid that is attached to the riser. The brace height is the reference to the distance between the deepest part of the grip and your string. This is also known as fistmele. It is defined as the corresponding length of a closed fist when the thumb is extended; this shows the correct distance between the deepest part of the grip to the string.

As for the grip, this is the part that you hold. The limbs are the upper and lower parts of the bow that does all the work. The nocking point is the spot on the string where the end of the arrow is fitted. The riser is the rigid center part of the bow where the limbs are attached. The string refers to the cord that is attached to the limb tips and is responsible for transforming the energy stored in the limbs into energy that propels the arrow.

The sling is the strap that is attached to the handle of the bow to prevent it from falling from your hand while in use. The tab, also known as the thumb ring, is there to protect the fingers that are drawing the string. This helps in giving you a better performance and is usually made of leather material. The tiller is measured from where the limbs are attached or connected to the riser; this reflects the power balance between the two limbs.

The best thing about recurve bows is that they are very strong and can have very high draw weights. This curves away from the archer after the initial longbow curve. These have unbending risers and curved limbs. This allows the arrow to fly straighter; hence, it gives the archer maximum accuracy more than ever.

Finding the right recurve bow can be challenging; However, knowing its different parts and reading further guidelines about it can actually lead you into finding the right one for you. Check out the top rated brands of recurve bows and start engaging in a fun and challenging activity today.

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