Selecting the Best DIY Nail Gun


Usually, there are small projects at home or even at work which needs a tool to drive nails into wood or other materials. A gun nail is such a tool which can make your work easier. I understand that selecting an easy DIY nail gun that works isn’t a simple assignment, but in this article, I will help you to pick your best option. I will not decide for you on which specific one to select but will highlight all you need to know before picking what best fits your needs and preferences.

Types of nail guns

As alluded, there are several nail guns and models to choose from, and they have three types of power sources, combustion, pneumatic, and electric. Of the several types and models, there are some which are good for DIY projects and pallet projects. Find the list below guns for such projects.

1. Finish Nailers. They are popular for their efficiency, affordability, and good for home and furniture use. They can work on both the 15 and 16 gauge nails. They are designed to handle large pieces of wood and have the capacity to break into almost all types of wood. Finally, they come in a good size, not too big, hence comfortable to use and store.

2. Brad Nailers. This Nailers are comparable to the finish Nailers and are good for woodwork also. They use 18 and 23 gauge nails. At home when constructing toys and doll houses, you will find it hard to drive small nails using a hammer, but the brad Nailer is best suited for such tasks.

3. Framing Nailers. This is designed to handle big projects like decks or house framing. Projects like fences, fences, room additions, and those that involve plaster need framing Nailers. Since hammers often cause damage like on the plaster, framing Nailers offer the best option for convenience and efficiency.

Nail gun power sources

As mentioned earlier, there are three sources of power, and below are the pros and cons of each of them.

1. Pneumatic Nailers. Their main source of force is air pressure and you may need to buy an air compressor in addition to the gun. They are easy to use, affordable, work on a constant force hence efficient, long lasting, and suitable for most projects. On the other hand, they need constant oiling, are louder and need an extra investment of an air compressor.

2. Electric guns (Both coded and cordless). As the name suggests, they use electric current. They are affordable, doesn’t need air compressors or gas cylinders, can do a variety of projects, easy to use, and lasts long. However, they’re comparatively expensive, need regular recharging, and used in brads and staples.

3. Combustion powered nailers. This type use combustion to drive the nails, the battery provides a spark, ignite the gas, and drive the piston. They are very quiet, drive larger nails to harder materials, have the best technology, and easy to use. However, they are the most expensive, not long lasting, and need extra safety measures.


Having read this article, you have all it takes to pick the best nail gun for your needs.

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