Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs with a New Mattress

Bed bug infestations aren’t an easy thing to mitigate, owing primarily to the fact that these long-lived pests can be hard to find and are able to multiply in such large numbers in a small amount of time. The primary means of killing bed bugs usually involve the use of a pesticide which contains many toxic chemicals that either attack the insect’s system or systematically impairs their ability to eat or breathe. While a lot of people would normally choose to employ chemicals to help get rid of bed bugs, more and more people begin to wonder about what can kill bed bugs naturally. This growing interest in a more organic approach seems to stem from the growing fear of the side effects that ensue when using pesticides.


Several websites online often compile lists of what can kill bed bugs effectively without the use of chemicals. One of the most common methods of killing these pests is by using extreme heat, most often via steam. This process is usually undertaken by professional exterminators that use dry steam applied directly to the hiding places and areas where bed bugs thrive. What can kill bed bugs in this way is the dehydration which is brought about by the heat which effectively shrinks the breathing holes found in their bodies, thus asphyxiating them. It takes less than ten minutes to wipe out nymphs and adult bed bugs and ten to twelve minutes to fry beg bug eggs to high heaven.


Other means to get rid of bed bugs is to slowly kill them with the use of mineral-rich substances like ash, lime, or diatomaceous earth. The presence of silica is what can kill bed bugs – as this compound sucks out the moisture found in the insects’ exoskeleton, dehydrating them much like steam treatment does. Any compound which contains a dehydrating or toxic compound is generally all that you need if you’re looking for what can kill bed bugs efficiently. Even household products like Isopropyl alcohol, in its highest concentration strike bud bugs dead on the spot the moment it touches them.


Many naturopaths and organic junkies tend to wonder what can kill bed bugs naturally. Well, ashes for one, as well as apple cider vinegar, ammonia, and tobacco are great natural pesticides. The toxic or acidic nature of these substances is oftentimes what kills bed bugs, although unlike the more potent chemical or heat-applied strategies, these don’t always kill bed bugs immediately. Using alternative methods to kill bed bugs are a great way to prevent unwanted poisoning from chemicals, as well a means to save you lots of money!


Perhaps one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs is to change your mattress and discard of the box spring. Yes, changing your mattress may not be the cure-all; you have to change the complete package, so to speak. You can easily find one among the best mattresses priced less than a thousand dollars. It would be a good idea to read reviews of these mattresses to find out which among them would suit your needs to a T. Aside from getting rid of annoying bed bugs, changing your mattress can likewise address other problems you might have, especially those related to your back.


So go ahead, rid yourself of annoying bed bug infestation by investing in a good mattress and lining yourself up for better sleep.

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