Minimalist Kitchen: Tips on Recreating your Kitchen to a Minimalist Style

Simple-styled home interior design showcases an organized and clean atmosphere; it gives you peace and a less stressful environment. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are now taking a new step to minimalism.

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Minimalism shouldn’t only be found in the bedroom or the living room. If you are embracing minimalism, you should consider recreating your kitchen too. Here are a few tips on how to bring minimalism to your kitchen:

#1: Get rid of your big microwave

Yes; you read it right.

If you have a stovetop or a range, you do not need a big microwave oven.

Of course, you can’t just give up on it, especially when microwave oven can make your cooking tasks much easier, where you can just pop your take-out food into the microwave and heat it. However, if you come to think of it, when you cook your take-out food on the stovetop, you are keeping its flavor, unlike when you do it in the microwave. Plus, it is energy-efficient.

On the other hand, if it is unavoidable that you should have a microwave oven, you can just convert to small-sized toaster ovens. There are toaster ovens that can do tasks that microwaves do. Plus, it is best for your home – the best choice for a minimalist home.

#2: Keep the dishware that is often in use

If you are living alone; you could keep at least 1-3 different kinds of dishware, glassware, silverware. However, if there are 3 or more members in the family, add 2 extra wares; the addition tablewares is for preparation for unexpected guests.

For kitchen wares, keep the unnecessary knives out of your kitchen drawers. Get rid of the unused Tupperware and take out only those you often use. Keep the kitchen utensils that you barely use and take out all the utensils that are in an everyday battle in the kitchen.

#3: Organize your cups and mugs

The problem with coffee lovers is they keep collecting coffee mugs that look interesting. If you want to embrace minimalism, you should keep the mugs and cups that you barely use into storage and throw away those that have been chipped and stained.

#4: Put the kitchen wares and utensils that you do not use

How often do you cook? Do you need extra pots and pans? Do you love to bake?

If you are too busy to cook or bake, keep the kitchen wares and utensils that you do not use. You can get rid of it. However, if you want to keep it, then you should have an extra room to store these unused items.

#5: Get rid of unnecessary kitchen gadgets and utensils

Believe it or not; there are unnecessary gadgets that you can find in every modern kitchen. These may include the following:

  • Avocado slicer, apple slicer, banana slicer, strawberry slicer, cherry and tomato slicers, and several other slicers. These utensils may look genius but there are easy kitchen hacks to slice food without using those utensils.
  • Popcorn machine
  • Pasta maker
  • Electric wine opener
  • Deep fryer
  • Different brands of blenders and emulsifiers

Some more items and gadgets are useless and seem redundant in the kitchen; unless you are starting a restaurant, you need to invest in those mentioned items.

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If you are now starting to embrace minimalism, do not forget to include your kitchen.

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