Ingredients of Testosterone Supplements

The use of testosterone supplements increasingly becomes popular especially amongst youngsters. The enticing broad shoulders, ripped muscles and lean body frames may push one to consider trying out these supplements. Very few people using them are actually cognizant of the ingredients used to make them.

In essence, regardless of your physician’s medical instructions and opinions, those using testosterone boosters should seek to know these ingredients. Over the years, the biggest peddled rumored ingredient of energy drinks and T boosters was bull testicles. Amongst the most bought testosterone boosters in drug stores and online are Vintage Boost, Kaged Muscle, Sheer Test, Iron Brothers Testosterone, RSP : Prime T testosterone Booster with highly rated reliability and highly rated by its users.

The three main components of these famous testosterone supplements are vitamins and minerals, primary T-boosters and Secondary T-Boosters.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals found in testosterone supplements include Vitamin B3,6,9,12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Zinc, Magnesium, Boron, Selenium, Potassium and Calcium.

Vitamin B3, 6,9,12 which are quite common in the supplements giving one a boost of their energy levels. Vitamin B6 stimulate the androgen receptors necessitating the production of more testosterone hormone in your body. Vitamin D3 is extremely important in the stimulation of testosterone hormone production. Magnesium and Zinc are reported to increase the production of free testosterone hormone in the body.

Boron is widely ignored as one of the ingredients yet it plays an important role of decreasing the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). The latter’s binding effect would affect testosterone levels since it is a sex hormone.

Primary T-Boosters

Primary T-Boosters include Maca root extract, Ginseng, tongkat Ali, Horny goat weed, fenu Greek, nettle root and saw palmetto.

Nettle root extract complements the body’s testosterone level by binding SHGB thereby increasing free production of testosterone. Maca root extract helps alleviate chronic fatigue by enhancing one’s energy levels, stamina and memory.

Ginseng on the other hand alleviated sexual dysfunction since time immemorial. By reducing one’s glucose levels, it alleviates any hindrance aimed at reducing testosterone levels. Thereby, it increases sexual health, arousal as well as performance.

Secondary T-Booster

Secondary T-Booster found in these supplement include D-Aspartic acid, wild Yam, Orchic extract, DIM, Musli, Rhodiola, Green tea extract amongst others.

D-Aspartic acid is one of the widely considered ingredients while choosing a supplement. It is considered to give the most visible and nearly immediate results. By boosting the luteinizing hormone, it increases the stimulation of testosterone production. Here’s to more energy and sexual drive. DIM controls your testosterone and estrogen levels. Orchic extract is from bull’s testicles with very little scientific evidence as to its role in the supplement. It is simply supposed to improve testicular functioning.

Most ingredients and extract basically perform similar function to increase or stimulate further production of testosterone but these are the few major ingredients. This right here is a pretty solid review of the Prime Male supplement. It gives you some insight into the particular substances that make up whatever supplement you are ingesting in its various forms.

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