How to Choose for Scooter Helmet

Every vehicle owner has the responsibility in keeping himself safe and other people on the road. A responsible driver is someone who is defensive in his driving, and takes all safety measures before driving. For people who drive with 2-wheeled vehicles such as motorbikes or scooters, it is always important to wear safety gears before heading out. Being out in the road, accidents can happen anytime; no matter how careful drivers are. One of the most common road accidents is motorcycle accidents. These accidents are potentially fatal depending on the force of the impact, and also because the riders are easily thrown off upon impact. Although injuries are inevitable, the severity of the damage can be significantly reduced when proper gear is equipped.

Helmet Type

Helmets are the most common and important 2-wheeled vehicle safety gear. They come in different sizes, designs, and types that are best suited for different types of vehicle. The most common type of helmets is half face helmets, and they can go along with most types of motorcycles. Full face helmets, as the name suggests, covers the whole face. They are the most ideal type of helmets as they can offer full protection of the head on high speed impacts. Scooter helmets are usually the open face or half face types, suitable for low speed impacts. No matter what type helmet the rider may prefer, having one worn on the head is always better than having none at all.


The material which the helmet is made from greatly influences how well it can handle an impact, comfort and weight. Most helmets are composed of layers of fiberglass composite, Polycarbonate, Carbon fiber, and polystyrene foam. Polycarbonate material is much less expensive than fiberglass composite, with carbon fiber being the most expensive yet very light.


Full face helmets and modular helmets are usually heavier than the other types. Open and half face helmets are lighter, and are more ideal for lighter vehicles like bicycles and scooters. Most helmets are not heavy, but it is important to check if the weight is evenly distributed on the helmet. If the weight is off on one side, it could put a strain on the neck.


It is important to look for a helmet that is just the right size that can fit the head perfectly. A helmet that is too small can be very uncomfortable to wear and may cause pain. Also, a helmet that is way too big may cause it to move around while riding or fly away upon impact. Go for a helmet that fits the head just right.


It is important to choose a bright color for helmets. This makes it easier for other motorist to spot the rider on a poorly lit highway or road.


This is the application of the things mentioned above. It is important to consider them as they could affect the comfort level when wearing the helmet.

DOT Certified

It is important to check if the helmet is DOT Certified. This ensures that the helmet is checked and is of high quality.

With the things mentioned above, it is not so hard now to look for a good scooter helmet. There are more of them here: .

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