Four Reasons Why Pets Need to Have Water Fountains

These days, it’s common to see novelty items for pets that are blatantly impractical and outright useless. Some manufacturers simply take advantage of the cute factor, which is, to be fair, not really something to feel bad about. Most pet owners actually know this, but really don’t care all that much as long as their pet looks ravishing of course, on top of them being healthy, to begin with. In this regard, it must be said that pet items that have practical benefits should be prioritized over cosmetic ones. One particular merchandise for pets that might seem impractical to some people is the hydration fountain. Why spend money on a fountain when pets can just drink water from a bowl, right? Well, turns out, bowls are eclipsed by hydration fountains given the latter’s benefits.

  1. Hygienic

There’s no arguing the fact that the more surface area of the water is exposed, the more contaminated it will be. That’s almost a given. It’s not just airborne bacteria that fountains prevent from contaminating its water, but also the pet’s fur. And this is one reason why water fountain for pet drinking is already a winner in terms of direct comparison. But it’s not just surface are where bowls lose out. Moving water has long been considered to be cleaner than stagnant ones. And guess which of the two provides moving water. That’s right, the hydration fountain.

  1. A constant source of hydration.

Residents of a house aren’t always at home. And if bowls are used by pets as a drinking source, they might run out of water and nobody will be there to replace it for them. This is a lot less likely to happen if the water fountain is used. Since only a small surface area of water is exposed, evaporation won’t be much of an issue. Of course, the owner has to take their pet’s size into account because large dogs are still going to run out of water if their fountain is too small.

  1. Part of training.

What’s the difference between a pet and a feral animal? They don’t bite the hand that feeds them. Well, not if they’re trained properly anyway. Bowls are simple enough for pets to figure out to drink from. Actually, there’s nothing to figure out, to begin with. Using a fountain encourages pets to consider other ways to drink from a source than just licking up liquid from a boring bowl.

  1. Because, why not?

If pet owners decide to buy water fountains for their pets for the mere reason that it looks cute, then who’s to judge them for it? Just like pet owners who spend their time knitting sweaters for their poodles and pugs, there really isn’t anything wrong with buying cosmetic items for pets. Nevertheless, water fountains for pets are not merely for show. Conversely, pet owners should still consider the aesthetic value of a water fountain when buying one. Reviews from this site and other similar ones help a lot in that regard. The function of water fountains merits its form to be just as amazing.


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