Complete Guide to Air Purifiers That You Should Read Now

Clean air is essential for everyone living on this planet. However, it can be difficult to find clean and fresh air nowadays because of air pollution and degradation. Even if you are in the cleanest room and environment, there are still particles in the air that could harm your health. Some of those particles can even trigger your existing health problems. With that said, it is recommended that you get an air purifier to lessen the pollutants in the air you breathe.

What is an air purifier?

An air purifier is a device that removes or decreases air pollutants. It can benefit people who are suffering from allergies and asthma. If you are a smoker or one of your family members smokes, then it is also better if you have an air purifier. It can get rid of second-hand smoke. Air purifiers are not only for residential buildings but also for commercial ones.

The HEPA filters in an air purifier are responsible for purifying and cleansing the air circulating inside a certain area. HEPA means High-Efficiency Particulate Air and it is a kind of filter that purifies and cleans the articles by trapping particles. As a result, only a vacuum would recirculate in the environment.

According to a study, HEPA can remove 99.9% of air impurities like dust mites, pet dander, spores, mold, and pollen and dust particles.

Can an air purifier make breathing easier?

Aside from a family member’s smoking habit, most of you might be sharing your homes with your pets. Along with pets come dander, pet odors, and urine. It can be an upsetting living environment for other family members who are suffering from allergies. If you have been using a vacuum, it cannot guarantee to remove all the air pollutants.

Are you or any of your members in the family experiencing allergies, asthma, or other respiratory-related diseases? If your answer is yes, then an air purifier can definitely be an awesome addition to your home that can provide your family relief. This device is even considered as a home necessity because it can quietly and quickly get rid of particles and allergens. Moreover, it could remove most of the air pollutants present in the air, pet dander, smoke, pollen, and odor. If you don’t own an air purifier, your home must be a haven for germs and dust that could cause several health issues.

How does an air purifier work?

Different air purifiers use different types of technology in removing airborne pollutants. For air purifiers with HEPA technology, they use fans to suck the air and trap particles on the filter.

According to a study, the HEPA technology is one of the most effective technologies for air purifiers because it uses fans that do not produce ozone. Despite being the most effective, you have to be extra careful in examining the air purifiers that you purchase. Some companies claim to be using this technology but they are not using legit HEPA filters.

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