What should you pack for a fishing trip

When a person is going on a fishing trip there are some things that they need to bring along. There are certain supplies that a person should have when they go on a fishing trip. The following items are a must have when a person is going on a fishing trip. Please find out more here.

Waterproof Gear

It may rain while fishing especially in the colder climate. In parts of the north and parts of Canada fishing is great but the temperatures are not. Even during the summer months, it can begin to rain in most places. It is important to have some rain gear along. This includes waterproof pants, shoes, and a good pair of gloves. An extra pair of socks is also a good idea.

Sun Protective Hat

There is nothing worse than getting sunburn on the head or the face. No one like the sun in their eyes either. A hat with a full brim will offer additional protection. It will also keep the glare from the water out of the eyes.


Just like the hat sunscreen is important to protect the rest of the body. After being outside for hours rays of the sun can lead to burns. It is important to make sure all of the body is protected from the harmful UV rays.

Bug Repellent

Bugs can be annoying and mosquito bites are very irritating. Nothing can ruin a good day of fishing faster than bugs. The bug repellent will keep the bugs away and only a little bit is needed.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should contain some of the basics such as band-aids and first aid ointment to treats cuts and bruises. There should also be something to treat a headache. A flashlight is always helpful in case a person stays out longer than they have planned. Antihistamines are also a good choice for those with allergies.

Lures and Terminal Tackle

The fish are picky at times and it is important to have different lures. If the fish are not biting on one type, a fisher can try another. The local shop is a great place to find out what the fish like and pick up some extra supplies.

Line and Leaders

Extra line and a couple of leaders are very important. if the line brakes the tip may be over. Having extras will keep the trip going.

Small Dry Bag

A dry bag is needed to keep important things. The bag does not have to be large. It should just be big enough to hold cell phones, keys, and a wallet.

Rods and Reels

It is important to have rods and reels for the fishing trip. If a person has their own equipment they need a rod that they are going to feel comfortable using and one that they know how to operate.  These are some things to pack when going on a fishing trip. In addition to the fishing gear, it is important to have these items along to make sure the tip goes as planned.