Buyers guide to bassinets

When you have your newborn, you always want to keep your baby close to you. It is always recommended by experts that babies to share the same room with their parents for the first six months. So buying a bassinet will help you to monitor your child closely. If you are shopping or you wish to shop for the bassinet in the future, below are the best tips to consider before buying one.

Buyers guide to bassinets

1. The safety standards

If you are buying used bassinets, then be keen enough to ensure that all the safety precautions are met. The presence of mattresses and other soft parts reduces the risks of suffocation to your child as well as entrapment.

2. The weight and age limits

Most of them have an age limit of between 15 to 20 pounds. Babies can be too heavy or outgrow their bassinet. Some babies can be significant for bassinet developmentally at times before they rich its weight limit. You should, therefore, check very well on the age limit and when exactly you are supposed to stop using it.

3. To rock or not?

A beautiful rocking basement may look cute and presentable, but you have to be very careful not to fall into this trap of picking a rocking bassinet. When your baby grows and can roll or move around a little, the rocking bassinet can be somehow dangerous as the baby can be trapped against one side. And when the face of your baby is locked in one side, it can lead to suffocation. Choose a bassinet that has a rocking feature, then, you should ensure it has a lock that you can use to lock it when you are not on the look of your baby.

4. Portability

The one that n be folded or disassembled is a good take, the one that you can comfortably carry for your travels. Always check for the folding legs and the places where the bassinet attaches to the latches and the ease of reassembling it. If not, then, do not select it.