Beginners Guide for Mountain Biking Accessories

Experienced mountain bikers always store some essential items whenever they embark on an adventurous ride on to the mountains. The choice of accessories is often the result of lessons learned on the trail over many interesting adventure experience.

mountain bike accessories

As a beginner we are at the very start of our exciting mountain biking journey, so we have created this guide to help us learn about the accessories that we should always have in our backpack before hitting the mountain roads. Please check our website for the must have mountain bike accessories.


Don’t ride through the treacherous mountain roads without a helmet. Seems pretty obvious, but it’s astounding how many people ride mountain bikes without a helmet on, which is like begging for a brain injury. So it is always recommended to purchase a multi-protection helmet for mountain biking.

Water Bottles

Getting dehydrated during our mountain ride is the quickest way to compromise the performance and ruin our adventure. A hydration system lets us carry a good amount of water (2 to 3 liters) without interfering with our hands and with a convenient valve to drink from whenever we like. Water bottles that affix to a water bottle cage on the bike frame are the cheapest option.

Inner Tube Spare

Having a puncture out on the mountain trail and forgetting to bring a spare inner tube is one of the worst-case scenarios that can happen to any rider. If a member of our riding group can’t loan us a tube, our ride will almost certainly come to an abrupt end. So it’s advisable to carry an inner tube spare in our backpack.

Mini Handheld Pumps

Mini handheld pumps are lightweight, compact, and fit neatly into our backpack. Most handheld pumps pack quite a punch for their size and will quickly inflate a mountain bike tire with minimal effort. Mountain bike mini-pumps tend to have a slightly larger volume than a road bike. Look for a mini handheld pump with a good-sized volume and that is lightweight and easy to use.


Having a mechanical issue out on the roads can be disastrous for a mountain ride. Multi-Tools are crammed with fantastic features and come equipped with a wide range of Allen-keys that will enable us to repair or adjust components on the bike.

First Aid Kits

Regardless of our ability level on the bike, there is always the possibility of a minor injury when we ride our bike off-road on the mountain trails. It’s the element of risk that makes mountain biking such a highly enjoyable but also at the same time a challenging sport. We recommend to always carry a lightweight first aid kit in our backpack at all times.

Nutrition Products

Not only riding is fun, but it’s also a fantastic way to burn a load of calories during our trip. Packing some nutrition products such as energy bars is a simple way of replenishing our calories and nutrients as we ride.

Hopefully, after having all the gear in our backpack, we will feel confident during our mountain ride & enjoy the challenging sport.

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