Awesome Facts about Recurve Bows

The recurve bow is perhaps the most advanced and efficient of bows you can find out there. It is quite different from other bows; the longbow, the decurve bow, and reflex bows. All of these are quite different, and offer different levels of performance, but why is a recurve bow a more efficient bow than the others.

Here are some quick facts you should know about recurve bows;

For starters, a recurve bow has curves on its tips which are designed to offer more energy to the arrow being shot. The limbs curve away from the archer when unstrung. This makes the transfer of energy from the particular bow to the arrow to be quite efficient. The arrow also moves at quite a fast speed.

Unlike some ordinary bows, the recurve bow has space through it where the arrow goes through when shot. This will ensure that the shot is both accurate and of required pace. This is quite a unique feature as not all bows have such an inclusion in their design.

Recurve bows are made with composite materials which make them both strong and durable for use. The limbs, for one, are made of multiple layers of fiberglass, carbon or wood which is laid on a core of foam or wood. The mid part of the bow can be made of any material considering it is strong enough to withstand the pressure.

If you think recurve bows are new to the archery world, you are wrong. Recurve bows have a rich history as they were used many years ago by Persians, the Chinese and other native communities. This type of bows then spread to Egypt as they were becoming quite popular.

In the present day, recurve bows are used for Olympic games for archery competitions. They are also used for Paralympic competitions; though some limited types only.

The parts of the recurve bows are uniquely designed to offer the required performance. A recurve bow might have a bigger riser; this allows the bow to be stable when being used and also to reduce vibrations that hit your palm when using it.

With recurve bows, like other types of bows, you can either have a one-piece or a takedown recurve bow. A takedown bow can be disassembled, whereas the one piece comes just like that, a whole bow.

The recurve bow is just what you should go for as a beginner archer or hunter. This is because they are quite easy to use and will surely help to compliment the level of your skill. You should also consider other features when selecting between different types of recurve bows.

From the above illustration, you can see just how unique a recurve bow is to other types of bows. This is why it is a bow that every archer wants to work with as it offers excellent performance. You can read more about the Samick Sage recurve bow and discover what you have been missing out on when using any other type of bow.

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