Amazing backpacking tips

You might be getting ready for a trip you have been looking forward to for more than three months. However, you have no idea on how to go about your backpacking so that you are not inconvenienced by either packing too much or too less. You can follow this guide for those interested in ultralight backpacking.


For starters, always aim to pack lightly. This can be achieved by going for those items that are most important before even considering those that you can leave behind. For instance, you can leave an item because you can afford to buy another once you get to your destination.

On the other hand, you should also not pack too extra; meaning you can pack three pairs of shorts instead of one for each day when going for a week-long trip. Luxurious items that you do not really need for the trip can be left behind as they will simply drag you down when trying to pack lightly.

If you are going for an outdoor camping or something like that, always go for items that will not take too much space in your camping bag. This includes a compact option of a tent, a sleeping bag or even an ultralight hammock.

Also when going either hiking, camping or caving remember to go for the essentials before other stuff that are not so important. For instance, you can get a gadget that is multipurpose and will serve you well while in the wild. Ultralight backpacking can also mean leaving behind some items as they are not all that important, like makeup for ladies when going camping.

When it comes to essentials, do not overdo it when it comes to packing them. Like in the case of water, packing a large quantity of water can make your luggage to heavy wherever you are going to. in this case, it is wise to carry a water bottle that you can refill every now and then while you are on the road.

When it comes to the most important stuff you just have to carry, always carry as much as you need. These include food items, water or fuel. In this case carry only the much that you need, never carry more than enough as you can get alternatives. Carry excess is simply a waste and a burden to you when carrying the particular backpack.

You should note that packing ultralight does not mean sacrificing the essential items that you will need for your trip. This will put you in harm’s way when in the middle of your trip. Also remember navigational equipment, especially when you are going for an outdoor activity; like hiking or camping.

Packing light is not only convenient when carrying around but it is also a money saving idea. You do not want to incur the cost of traveling with overweight luggage that is charged when you fly. Ultralight backpacking will enable you to explore while you are on your trip without being dragged back with a heavy load.

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