A Welding Quiz for Everyone

Welding is a crucial part of the modern industrial sector; the seemingly simple act of joining special thermoplastic or metal parts together creates a whole new range of possibilities for the industry to innovate, especially in the creation and repair of materials. Indeed a common practice in industrial works, there are so many things to learn about welding.

For this, We Love Quizzes has made a quiz on welding. Specializing on making quizzes with answers regarding a wide range of topics, We Love Quizzes’ questions on welding is designed to provoke a considerable amount of thinking on professional welders and newbies alike. The quizzes in the site are good in the sense that they can help you refresh your knowledge on the particular topic and give you a sense of fulfillment, knowing that you still know much about a topic.

Their Quiz and The Site

Since the quiz is designed for professionals and amateurs at the same time, expect a sound balance of basic questions and advanced queries in the field of welding. This is an excellent approach in creating such a quiz; online quizzes can only contain so many questions on topics that can get really wide. Featuring 31 questions with corresponding answers that you can view anytime, the welding quiz covers subtopics such as hazards in the welding industry, the origins of welding, and even in the different kinds of materials and gases used in different kinds of welding.

If you’re a professional and you wanted to get a perfect score, you’ll need to retain whatever welding basics you’ve learned the moment you started your craft. If you’re an amateur welder, you can take this opportunity to get acquainted of the stuff that are being asked in the quiz that you’re familiar yet; for example, the quiz would ask about   the effects of using different gases, which is probably a bit difficult for beginners to distinguish. They’re not only trivia questions; they’re relevant knowledge to those working in the industry.

While the We Love Quizzes’ site is plainly laid out; it has quizzes and nothing much else aside from the means of reaching out to whoever’s behind the site through the external links conveniently placed around the site. It can be observed, however, that the set of questions in the topics just repeats themselves; they are not randomly generated and thus this one for welding, for example, will have the 31 questions you can answer           today, and they’ll still be the same 31 questions tomorrow. While it is probably hard, it’ll be a great improvement if the questions will be randomly generated to ensure that no quiz will ever be the same. You can take the ultimate welding quiz now at https://www.welovequizzes.com/welding-quiz-questions-and-answers/.


This means that the quiz has no replay value; it’s only good for the first time. However, the questions are well-thought out and come from different levels of complexity, making up for the shortcoming.

The quiz on We Love Quizzes about welding can make you recall all that you know and push your knowledge on the topic. It may not teach you stuff in a comprehensive way, but it gives you relevant information readily!

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