A Closer Look at the Different Tools and Functions of Photoshop

Are you a photoshop neophyte? Find out how to get started with this image editing tool by familiarizing its tools and functions. 

What do you know about photoshop? 

No doubt you’ve heard about this term quite a few times. Photoshop is a predominant tool for editing images through software. Designers usually photoshop images for commercial and promotional purposes. However, some people just love this software for fun and hobby.

Over the years, the number of photoshop software has significantly increased. And it is continuously increasing to help entrepreneurs and organizations create more professional, unique, and creative images. Today, you can even find Photoshop free app online, which is perfect for beginners as well as businesses.

Photoshop is software that consists of various tools, wherein each one has specific functions. Here is a list of the common tools found in photoshop software with their uses.

No. 1: Photoshop Interface

Every photoshop application has an interface. The navigating interface is one of the basic components of image editing software. There you can find the different tools the software has. It allows you to begin new projects, continue doing existing ones, save drafts and finalized images, and delete tasks. Likewise, some photoshop interface also includes a demonstration video to help you get started with the application.

No. 2: Selections       

Photoshop apps have several selections; these include masking, editing, quick selection, magic wand, and lasso tool – primary toolsets found in image editing software. Also, these tools allow you to re-create and manipulate selections in images.

Also, photoshop applications consist of quick mask mode that helps refines selections in a photo. Another helpful selection method is channel isolation. Although it is a common feature in photoshop apps, this feature is not popular with hobbyists. Generally, most designers who do printed materials use this tool.

No. 3: Brushes and Paints

Brushes and paints are used for painting and drawing. Designers also utilize these tools for correcting images and altering some of their aspects.

Brushes usually come with three components, which are sizes, hardness, and preset shape. These functions likewise help in correcting, adding, and blending colors.

No. 4: Adjust Images

If you need to resize, retouch, or change image formats, the image adjustment tool can help you. These sets of operations enable you to enhance the images by manipulating their sizes, contrast levels, color balance, and saturation level. Some photoshop applications even have more advanced features to create original graphics suitable for professional use.

No. 5: The Layers

A photoshop software has a tool named layers. This function enables users to organize and manipulate specific parts of an image. The process found on this tool are altering visibility, ordering, combining layers, adjusting opacity, blending modes, and isolation.

No. 6: Colors and Gradients

Photoshop applications already have pre-existing colors, swatches, and gradients. You can alter the colors and color grading of an image using this feature. The color picker, for example, allows you to choose tones and apply them to the image. Gradients, on the other hand, mimic real-life textures to provide depth to images. Meanwhile, swatches help you to select and save colors for future use. In this way, it’ll be easier for you to navigate color combinations and textures.

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