Everything a Rookie Psychonaut Must Learn About Microdosing

What is microdosing? Find out the basics of microdosing to help you get started in your psychedelic journey.

If you have been planning on being a psychonaut for a while, chances are you browsed the web for basic information about magic mushrooms. During your web navigation, you must have encountered the term ‘microdosage’ or ‘microdosing’ a few times.

Expert psychonauts always recommend beginners to follow correct microdosing. They stress it to neophytes quite often through various media. What is microdosing, and what is so important about it?

Consuming Psychedelics in Crumbs

As a beginner, it is important to understand the various effect of psilocybin. Take note that each strain of magic mushrooms has a different level of potency. Some are mild, while others are quite high and when consumed can lead to paranoia, nightmares, and extreme hallucinations also called ‘bad trips.’ Moreover, take into account that each person has different tolerance towards psilocybin. Hence, what might be mild for you has strong effects on others, and vice versa.

Microdosing is a practice commonly utilized in psychedelics, LSD, kratom, and other hallucinogenic substances. It is the act of consuming very low dosages of hallucinogenic substances to prevent any drastic effect on the body. The limited intake of hallucinogens allows the body to experience its benefits without experiencing the strong side effects.

Microdosage of magic mushrooms improves energy, mood, concentration, and overall performance. Likewise, it enhances creativity and re-wires the brain for better cognitive functions.

How much is Too Much in Microdosage? 

Remember that each magic mushroom species have a unique concentration of psilocybin and other active biological compounds. Thus, you have to cut back a lot on stronger strains compared to milder shrooms.

The suggested microdosage of stronger strains such as P. azurescens and P. cubensis is one-tenth of the recreational dose. For milder strains, one-20th of its recreational dose is enough to obtain its benefits.

A Few Precautions on Microdosing

While microdosing allows you to gain the benefits of magic mushrooms without succumbing to their psychoactive effects, you still need to be careful when taking psychedelics with other substances, albeit in microdoses.

Do not take psychedelics when under the influence of alcohol as well as other substances. Magic mushrooms are hallucinogens; thus, when it interacts with alcohol and similar substances the effect on the body will double. Hence, it is as if you have taken a higher dosage of psilocybin instead of a minimal portion of it.

Therefore, make sure to take psilocybin in micro dosage alone. To ensure that you have the correct dosage, you can buy on 3Amigos authentic magic mushrooms in microdosage. Also, consult experts on this matter to guarantee that you’re taking the right amount of psilocybin.

There are many ways to enjoy your magic mushroom. If you don’t prefer fresh shrooms, selections of dried, powdered, and capsule shrooms are available in every online distributor in Canada. You can add powdered shrooms to your beverages to mask their taste and make the experience more enjoyable. You can also include dried magic mushrooms as an ingredient in your meals. You can look up the web for these amazing magic mushroom recipes.