Tips for a Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is skin that looks young, no matter what the age in your ID says. If you dont have time for intensive skin care, you can still establish a quick skincare routine that will help you prevent fine lines and wrinkles and maintain a healthy, youthful aspect. A healthy lifestyle and good skincare routine choices are the perfect combinations to delay natural aging. If you need some tips and tricks on how to maintain healthy skin, here are a few ideas.

1. Protect your skin from the sun. Sun exposure causes aging spots, wrinkles, and all sorts of skin problems. You need to protect your skin from the sun even if it is winter. UV rays are dangerous all year long, not just in the summer. If you want to go for complete sun protection, then you need to use sunscreen, seek shade between 10 AM and 4 PM, and wear protective clothing if you need to walk in full sun.

2. Learn to treat your skin gently. You should limit bath time because hot water and long baths remove oils from the skin, avoid strong soaps, pat dry so that some moisture remains to the skin, and use moisturizer right after a bath.

3. Healthy diet. A healthy diet helps with your overall health, including skin health. Your diet should include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Also, drink plenty of water because it will maintain your skin hydrated.

4. Learn to manage stress. We live in a stressful world. We are forced to juggle hectic schedules, tight deadlines at work, long work hours, and endless chores for the house once work is done. It is no wonder that we feel more and more stressed. Uncontrolled stress makes the skin more sensitive and can trigger acne breakouts. If you want to encourage healthy skin, you should take small steps to manage stress. You should try to get more sleep, set more reasonable limits, scale back long to-do lists and find time for things that help you relax.

5. Vitamin C. If your skin glows, it looks healthy. If you dont know how to obtain an even, bright skin tone, vitamin C is the answer. Vitamin C helps fade hyperpigmentation, brightens the skin tone, protects against environmental aggressors and it promotes the natural production of collagen.

6. Essential oils and aromatherapy. Yes, essential oils can help you maintain healthy, young skin. You probably know that aromatherapy helps people relax and calm down after a stressful day, but they have numerous health benefits, and promoting healthy skin is just one of them. Tea tree can be used as an acne treatment, lavender helps with dry skin, juniper is an excellent skin cleansing oil that promotes healthier blood circulation, and clary sage reduces puffiness. These are just a few examples, but many other essential oils can help you maintain healthy skin. Visit the Younger Skin Guide to learn more about them.


Top Mistakes that People Make When Growing Indoor Plants

Are you wondering why your indoor plants do not survive? Probably, you are growing your plant the wrong way.

Growing indoor plants is more than water and sunlight. And if the indoor plants that you want to grow, keep dying on you, it is maybe because you are doing the following top mistakes that most new plant parents make when growing indoor plants:

Mistake #1: Growing the wrong plant

There are several kinds of plants out there that are aesthetically attractive. However, not all of these can grow well inside your home. One, for instance, is the bonsai plants. Even though it does not take too much of the space inside your home, it shouldn’t be kept and grown in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen area. The trimmed leaves of the bonsai plant are considered allergens, triggering allergies or skin irritation. However, if the bonsai plants have a designated room to grow, together with other plants that can trigger allergies, you may start growing two or more bonsai plants.

What are the best plants to grow indoors?

There are a lot of plants that you can grow indoors, but the following are the easiest and most popular to grow:

  • Snake plant
  • Bromeliads
  • Chinese money plant
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Jade
  • Rabbit’s Ear
  • Pathos

Also, the aforementioned indoor plants require low maintenance. So, if you are too busy to take care of plants every day but still want to grow one or more, you may consider a few in the selection. Also, at Fig & Spruce, you will find good reads about growing plants.

Mistake #2: Having not enough or too much light

Light is essential to plants. However, putting the plant under direct light for more than the recommended hours will cause the plant’s death. Similarly with growing plants that are getting not enough light.

If you want to successfully grow two or more plants, make sure you know how much sunlight it needs or if the plant requires direct light from the sun.

Mistake #3: Overwatering

Loving your plants too much can cause their death.

Overwatering is one of the most common reasons for the plant’s death – all because of the perception that all plants need to be watered frequently to survive. Ironically, not all plants require frequent watering; in fact, cacti and succulents require monthly watering to survive.

So, how often most indoor plants need watering?

Generally, most of the houseplants require watering 1 – 3 times per week. Again, the frequency of watering the plant will depend on the following conditions:

  • Type of the plant
  • Size
  • The temperature of the surrounding
  • Humidity
  • The type of pot used
  • The plant’s growth rate

Final Thoughts

When growing indoor plants, you should understand their basic needs, including where it can thrive, the amount of sunlight it needs, the frequency of watering, and if it requires specific fertilizer to grow well.

Also, always remember that to become a successful indoor plant grower, you do not need a ‘green thumb’; rather, you need knowledge, patience, and proper care.

Restrictions and Possible Legal Violations Concerning Dropshipping

Dropshipping has many grey areas. Learn the restrictions and possible violations of this eCommerce model to ensure a successful dropshipping business. 

Have you been planning on launching your own dropshipping business? If so, you probably started delving deeper into this eCommerce model by examining the basics of this industry, its risks, and how to maximize its opportunities. But have you considered the possibility of whether it is legal? Or have you thought about the legal restrictions concerning this business model?

Over the years, eCommerce has become more popular, which lead to the birth of new business models. Dropshipping is one of the offspring of this advancement. Many became attracted to this business because of its low capital requirement and convenience.

In dropshipping, the seller holds no inventory of the products. The seller establishes a contract with a third-party supplier who will supply and deliver the goods to the customers. Hence, there is lesser work on the part of the seller. The seller also earns usually through commissions and from what has been stipulated on the contract with the supplier. Inasmuch, dropshipping is a simple and easy way to earn income without investing a lot of capital.

Is it Legal? 

First of all, dropshipping is 100% legal. What make people doubt the legality of dropshipping are the rampant fraud deals. Likewise, many are suspicious of its legalities since it remains unfamiliar to some despite its increasing popularity in some locations. Also, even dropshippers and suppliers admit that dropshipping has a lot of grey areas.

What are the Possible Legal Issues and Concerns of Dropshipping? 

Before diving deep into this business, you need to familiarize yourself with dropshipping legalities and possible issues that come with it.

The most common issues in this industry are ethical violations. Price inflation is inevitable in this business. For example, eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay are the primary sources of exciting products. A huge percentage of these products often comes from people who have seen them on Walmart for instance. These people simply upload images of these products on eBay and Amazon for selling. The retailer to retailer relationship causes massive price inflation. Though increasing the price is reasonable, too much inflation is ethically wrong for the customer.

Another issue concerning dropshipping, which is also common in eCommerce, is selling products that a seller is not entitled to. Many sellers want to sell popular and reputable brands with the hopes of gaining more sales, when in fact, it could lead to legal fees and issues.

Problems such as infringement and copyright are possible issues that could happen in dropshipping. Some sellers upload counterfeit, replicas, and knockoff products which could lead to serious copyright issues.

Additionally, some sellers don’t obtain a business license. It is a requirement that is commonly overlooked in dropshipping since no law prohibits a seller from starting such business. However, for ethic’s sake and legality, every seller is compelled to obtain a business license. It proves the legitimacy of the store and obtaining one can help prevent the rise of legal issues in the future.

Things to Remember When Upgrading Ethernet Cable for Gaming

You have finally decided to upgrade your Ethernet cable for better gaming performance. But take note that shopping for Ethernet cables is not that easy! Remember these pointers when switching Ethernet cables.

Ethernet connections are relatively faster rather than lower latency Wi-Fi connections. However, it does entirely mean that the former can speed up internet connections. For instance, if your internet connection is at the speed of 70Mbps download speed, using an Ethernet cable won’t do any difference.

The function of Ethernet cable is to increase signal transmission at local network speeds. It speeds up data transfer from one device to another network. In gaming, connecting the router to the gaming console using an Ethernet cable significantly improves gaming performance. It limits the chances of interrupts and interferences, thereby allowing you are more enjoyable game time.

Though Ethernet cables support faster data transfer, it does not imply that all types of Ethernet cables have similar transfer rates. Older versions are slower compared to the latest cable categories. For example, Cat-5 Ethernet is slower than a Cat-7 cable. The former is prone to lagging, whereas the latter has incredible data transfer speed. If you are still using an older cable category, now is the right time to upgrade your Ethernet connections.

Take note that shopping for Ethernet cables is not that simple. Remember these tips while upgrading your Ethernet to avoid wasting cash.

Reminder #1: Check the Cable Category

Beware that not all Ethernet cables are compatible with some devices. For example, if you are using a Cat-6 Ethernet cable, it is best to upgrade to a Cat-6e. Additionally, make sure all the cables in the network are of the same category. If you choose a cable different from the rest, it could affect the device’s performance.

Therefore, choose a cable from the same category. If you are going to change one of the cables, it is best to change them all.

Reminder #2: Manufacture Origin

Many devices come with Ethernet connections, including gaming systems.

When you switch the original cable with one coming from another manufacturer, there is a chance that the cable will not work effectively. It could slow down the device’s performance and data transmission.

Take note of the manufacturer of the cable. Buy one from the same manufacturer to guarantee the compatibility of the cable and the device.

If you can’t find a cable from the same manufacturer, there are universal Ethernet cables in the market. These options work well and a good alternative when the brand you need is not available in your location.

Reminder #3: Are You Using a DSL Modem?

If you are using a DSL modem, make sure to go through the manual. You will have to connect the device through an Ethernet Crossover Cable if you are planning to switch cables to a different category.

Ethernet and Patch cables have RJ45 gold plated male jacks. This feature allows you to attach any category of Ethernet cord. If you were using a Cat-5 cable and decides to upgrade for a Cat-6 Ethernet, you must learn how to connect the cable using the crossover cable.