Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Beginners

A motorbike has an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years. However, poor maintenance and lack of care can significantly reduce its lifespan. Find out how to keep your motorbike in the best condition and make it last longer by following these maintenance tips.

Correct maintenance is crucial for motorbike longevity. Even a little DIY maintenance could help you save money. Likewise, proper motorcycle care ensures safety when driving. Also, there is assurance and a sense of confidence knowing your motorbike is in great condition every time you hit the road.

It is easy to keep your motorbike in good condition. If you are a beginner, you can find these details online. For example, this website provides detailed guidelines about motorcycle tips and many more. To make things easier below is a detailed guideline on how to enhance motorcycle lifespan.

No. 1: Change the Oil

Motorcycle engine performance declines over time. One reason behind it is neglecting oil change. Motorbike engine requires oil change after several thousand miles of ride or at least once per year. Engines usually differ in terms of the frequency of changing oil. You’ll have to consult your manual to determine the engine’s oil change frequency.

Changing your oil at the right time helps keep the engine run smoothly and improves overall motorbike performance. Aside from changing your oil, check if the oil is at the correct level. It should be at a maximum level before you drive. If it is low, make sure to add more oil.

No. 2: Check the Tires

Check the motorbike’s tire pressure before hitting the road. Driving with underinflated and overinflated tires is risky. It increases the chances of a tire blowout and forces the engine to operate. Moreover, incorrect tire pressure can lead to road accidents since it is more difficult to control a vehicle with such a condition.

Additionally, check if there are any signs of tire wear and tear. If there are obvious damages, change your tire with a new one.

No. 3: Test the Brakes 

Always inspect the brakes before each ride. Make sure the brakes are functioning well. If not, check the brake fluid level to keep it at optimum performance.

Malfunctioning brakes are often caused by worn-out brake pads. Thus, take time to check the thickness of the brake pads and replace it if necessary.

No. 4: Drive Chain

Some newbies tend to neglect to inspect the drive chains. Without proper care, driving chains easily get damaged, and worse, it can lead to accidents.

Lube the drive chain each ride. The oil assures the drive chain works smoothly every drive. Moreover, see if there is sufficient tension on the chain. Tighten the chains if it is loose; take note that the right tension helps prolong the motorbike lifespan.

No. 5: Check the Air Filter

Clean the motorbike’s air filter regularly using compressed air. A dirty air filter reduces engine power and performance. Also, it is harder to clean the filter when it is clogged with too much dirt. If you notice damages on the filter, replace it with a new one to keep the motor’s performance at bes