2020’s Top ChoiceElectric Bass Guitarsby Fender

Are you an aspiring bass guitarist?

Before learning how to play the instrument, the first thing you need to do is find a bass guitar that you can use to practice and hone your skills.

One of the biggest mistakes beginning bass guitarist commit is going for the low-end guitars. For them, spending money on first-class bass guitars when you’ll only use it for practicing is a waste.

Well, it is your choice if you decide to forsake quality over a guitar’s price. But remember this, that guitar is your investment. You’re starting as a beginner, but in the end, once you develop your talent and skills on the instrument, you can use it professionally. Likewise, a high-quality guitar has a longer lifespan.

Among the different categories of bass guitar, the most common and probably the famous one is an electric bass guitar. Many bassists choose this type of bass because of the control. Electric bass guitars have settings that allow you to manipulate its volume, tone, and frequencies. Additionally, you can apply different styles on electric bass guitars such as distortions to produce unique music.

Since electric bass guitars are more popular compared to other types of this stringed instrument, no wonder there are numerous brands and models of this item. As a beginner, you might find all of these quite confusing. Thus, to help you get started, below are the best electric bass guitars you must consider.

Fender Electric Bass Guitar

Fender is one of the popular brands of an electric bass guitar. Over the past years, Fender released several models of this instrument. Examples of it are seen in this source, https://guitarlisty.com/best-bass-guitar-under-1000-dollars/

Below are the top creations of this manufacturer.

  • Aerodyne, Rosewood Electric Bass Guitar

This instrument by Fender is a good choice for beginners who love jazz. This product features a J and P pickup, which is the reason why Aerodyne has a wide range of tones. Moreover, it features single-coil jazz that is perfect for the said music genre. It also has 20 medium jumbo frets and a scale length of 34 inches.

  • Standard Jazz Electric Bass Guitar

The design and features of this bass guitar are perfect for beginners. Moreover, it is a good option for buyers who are searching for a budget-friendly bass guitar without forsaking quality sounds.

The instrument is quite versatile. It works well for both enthusiasts and professionals. The guitar has dual single-coil jazz bass pickups. And it also has an offset alder body, which is incredibly lightweight.

  • Standard Precision Electric Bass Guitar

If you are searching for a classic bass guitar at an affordable price, this option by Fender is worth considering.

This bass guitar is a good investment for players who want to upgrade their playing and become a professional. It has a split single-coil precision pickup and a body constructed using rosewood and Maple wood.


The above bass guitars are examples of the best sellers in the market this year produced by one of the reliable manufacturers.

Each one of these bass guitars by Fender characterizes unique qualities that could help to improve your music style. If the above options do not match with your music genre, consider alternatives available at this source.

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