A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install a Battery-Powered Video Doorbell

Installing a video doorbell can be tricky depending on the type of the device. Here is a comprehensive guideline on installing battery-powered video doorbells.

Battery-Powered Video Doorbell

Video doorbells have become the standard of home security and safety. It has become more popular over the years due to its ability to strengthen security by automatically recording footages and sending alarms during an intrusion. Installing such an advanced home device will certainly give you peace of mind and a sense of safety.

The impressive features of video doorbells are probably the reasons that prompted you to get one for your home. Now that you’ve got one, the next step is to install your new home security system. You don’t have to ask for the help of a professional for battery-powered video doorbells. You can install the device DIY. However, if you bought a hardwired model, it is better to ask for a professional’s assistance since this type of video doorbell requires more work, including electrical wiring handling.

If you haven’t bought one, as much as possible, buy a battery-powered model. You can check out this source, KeyLockGuide.com, to find out the best video doorbells today.

Below is a comprehensive guide on installing battery-powered video doorbells.

Step #1: Read the Device’s Installation Instruction

Generally, battery-powered video doorbells have a similar installation procedure. But to be safe, read first the manufacturer’s installation instruction so you won’t make mistakes during the process. The instruction is seen in the product’s manual. If the manufacturer has specific instructions for installing the device, make sure to follow it.

Step #2: Charge the Battery

Charge the doorbell’s battery before installation. Most of this device comes with a micro USB cable for charging. Make sure the battery is full before mounting it.

Step #3: Mount the Video Doorbell

If your old doorbell is still installed, carefully remove it. You can mount your new video doorbell in the same place if you want to.

Mounting a video doorbell is easy. Most doorbells include a mounting bracket. Use the bracket to affix the doorbell to the wall or next to your door. Take note that you might have to use drill bits and anchors to mount the device either on a brick, stone, or concrete surface.

Before mounting the doorbell, make sure the bracket is firmly placed. Then, attach the doorbell using the security screws provided by the manufacturer.

Step #4: Setup the Video Doorbell Application

Video doorbells are operated through an application. You can download the app into your smartphone, tablet, or computer. After downloading, set up your account and connect it to the doorbell through a WiFi connection.

Once the doorbell is connected to your device, you will immediately receive a notification. The app allows you to see live video feeds in your phone recorded by the video doorbell, as well as manage the doorbell’s settings.

Step #5: Plug In

Most video doorbells already have a plug-in chime, but if the one you bought has none, you’ll have to buy one. Once plugged, the chime will automatically notify you when there is someone at your door through your phone besides the separate chime that you hear.