Easy Headset Storage Tips to Prevent Cord Breakage

The cables are the most vulnerable part of a headset. Regardless of how expensive it is, headphone cords will break at some point. They can tangle, dragged, rolled over, or snapped by objects. These instances are some of the reasons behind cord breakage. Likewise, scratches and bites from insects can damage the cords. It is why you need to observe proper headset storage to keep your device in the best condition.

You can preserve and extend your headphone’s lifespan by following these storage tips. Check them out right here.

Tip #1: Coil the Cable When Not in Use

The most important rule in proper headphone storage is keeping the cable properly wound. Correct cable coiling reduces the chances of internal damage and breakage, thereby extending the lifespan of your headset. Leaving the headset not coiled will cause the wires to tangle. Moreover, avoid wadding the cable for this will create breakage points over time and result in irreparable damage.

Coiling headphone cable is easy and simple. Loop the cable around a few fingers. Let the cord follow its natural coil. Once you are done, keep the headset in a secure place.

Tip #2: Keep it in a Safe Storage Place

The best place to store a headset is inside a drawer, but make sure your drawer is not too crowded. Overcrowding the headphone with other objects might cause tangling and scratches on the device. Thus, make sure to find a storage place where your headset is properly stored.

Tip #3: Use Stationary Racks for Headphones

If you are not using your headphone for a short period, place it in a stationary rack. You can install one in your room or buy some at the nearest store. Headphone stationary racks are quite useful. They can keep your headphones free from damage when not in use. This option is the best choice for gamers, music enthusiasts, and working individuals who often use headphones.

Tip #4: Keep Your Headphone in a Bag

When traveling, the best way to carry your headphone is by placing it in a separate carrying bag. Don’t stuff the device together with your other items, especially with sharp objects. Carrying headphones on another bag will keep it safe from scratches and other damages.

Tip #5: Remove Detachable Cord

Some headphones feature detachable cords. If your headset has a similar feature, make sure to detach the cord before keeping it in storage. Wrapping the cord also prevents the cable from damages. If you are not using the device for a long time, make sure to follow this advice to keep it secured.

Additionally, if you notice damages on the cord and jack, immediately fix it before it worsens.

Where to Find Additional Headset Advice?

If you have more questions about headphones, such as buying tips, latest trends, and maintenance guide, you can go to the Gaming Tech Accessories. This source can help you find the best headsets in the market for gaming and other purposes. And, they can give you advice on how to keep your headphones last longer.

Remember that state-of-the-art headphones are investments. Take good care of them to ensure a longer lifespan.