Skincare Tips for Oily Skin: What to Do and Avoid

Putting together a skincare routine is a challenge. You have to be careful in choosing skincare products. If not, it may worsen your skin problem, or worse, create a new one. It is even more challenging if you have oily skin.

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Oily skin is one of the most common skin issues, regardless of gender and age. Having oily skin is not a good sight to behold. Likewise, excessive oil production on the face increases your vulnerability to pimple breakouts and infection.

The good news is this; oily skin is treatable. Choosing the right skincare routine can help reduce sebum production and prevent pimple breakouts, blackheads, and dark spots. So, what are skincare activities for oily skin?

What do You Need to Do? 

#1 Regular Cleansing

Never skip your morning and night facial cleansing. Regular cleansing helps in removing dirt, oil, cosmetic residue, and other debris stuck on your pores. These impurities worsen oily skin and can cause infection. It is why a few minutes of facial cleansing is vital for your skin.

#2 Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin two to three times a week. Exfoliating helps in correcting complexion, eradicates dead skin cells, and supports in balancing sebum production. Hence, this skincare routine will significantly decline the oiliness of your skin.

But be careful. Not all exfoliators in the market are ideal for oily skin. Make sure to choose one that is suitable for your skin. As a guide, see the Younger Skin Guide for they reviewed top-rated exfoliators for oily skin.

#3 Choose the Right Cosmetics

Some cosmetic products contain chemicals that increase oil production. You have to avoid such products if you already have oily skin. Choose non-comedogenic makeups, for these products don’t clog the pores, and heightens sebum production.

#4 Watch the Food You Eat

Avoid oily and fatty foods. This food group increases oil production on the skin. The foods you must include in your diet are fruits and vegetables.

What Do You Need to Avoid?         

#1 Over-washing and Over-exfoliating the Face

Although facial cleansing and exfoliating are vital skincare routine, too much of these can damage the skin. Over-washing and over-exfoliating will remove the essential oil on your skin, thereby causing dry skin. Only wash your face once in the morning and night. Meanwhile, do exfoliate two to three times a week.

#2 Not Checking Skincare Products

As much as possible, research about the skin care product you are planning to buy. Determine if the product is suitable for oily skin. Also, avoid skincare products with strong chemicals.

#3 Using the Wrong Moisturizer

Your skin needs moisturizer despite being oily. Applying moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated, especially when you stay outdoors for a long period. However, you have to choose the correct moisturizer for oily skin. Always remind yourself to check product labels to ensure you are choosing the right one.

More Advice

It is paramount to get to know your skin type and what it needs to provide the correct skincare routine. If you are having a hard time looking for the right products for your skin, ask help from reliable sources like the Younger Skin Guide.

Fire Pits Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Fire Pit for Wooden Deck

Did you know that well-designed fire pits can bring good vibes into your home? And did you know that it is also one of the best home accessories that can boost the appeal of your wooden patio or deck?

fire pit to your wood deck

Yes; fire pits aren’t just made for your backyard or concrete front yard but you can also set it up on your wooden front porch or patio or deck.

But wouldn’t that be dangerous? Fortunately, there are well-designed fire pits that are perfect for wooden decks or floors. And to choose the right fire pit for a wooden outdoor space, here are a few useful recommendations to consider:

#1: Pick the right material

Fire pits in general come in different types according to the materials. Some are made from resin, stainless steel, concrete, cast iron, or aluminum. Since you are setting up a fire pit on a wooden deck or flooring at home, you should consider a pit that is safe to use, heat resistant, and durable.

So, which fire pit is ideal for a wooden deck?

Stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum fire pits are ideal for wooden floors. These are portable and easy to store. However, if going through the three materials, stainless steel fire pits can provide a stable and safe campfire-like flame. Plus, these are inexpensive, easier to clean, and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

#2: Pick the right type of fuel for fire pit

Now, how will you keep your fire burning on your fire pit? This time, you have to choose the right fire pit according to the fuel – natural gas, propane, bioethanol, and wood-burning fire pit.

The most common, convenient, and safest fuel for fire pit on wood deck are woods. The wood-burning fire pit for wooden floors provides stable and safe campfire-like fire. Plus, you can even cook marshmallows or hotdogs on regular nights when you feel like sitting by the fire.

At Every Man’s Cave, you can find good reviews on the best fire pit for wood deck this 2020. Specifications and features are well-detailed to make it easier for you to choose.

#3: Choose the right size

Fire pits of different types and styles come in different sizes. If you think your deck is big enough to accommodate bigger fire pits, then you should consider buying one for everyone to enjoy. However, if you have an average to a small patio or deck space, choose an appropriate size where it is safe and everyone can enjoy it.

#4: Choose according to your budget

Setting up a fire pit can be expensive, especially when you are planning to set up a concrete natural gas type of fire pit. Fortunately, there are well and safely designed fire pits for wooden floors that are inexpensive. All you need to do is to carefully read its features and specifications before buying one.

Was this helpful?

Adding a fire pit to your wood deck or patio can increase the appeal of your home. However, before choosing which type, make sure to consider the material, the fuel to be used, the size of the fire pit, and how safe is the fire pit.

Why Choose a Manual Coffee Grinder?

No person would pick a stale pre-ground coffee over freshly ground coffee beans. Pre-ground coffee is good, only if they haven’t been exposed to air. Such coffee grounds rapidly oxidize, causing the coffee’s aroma and flavor to diminish, which results in bland coffee. Freshly ground coffee beans taste the best. The unique flavor and aroma of the coffee exude, making you crave for more.

Manual Coffee Grinder

You don’t have to keep on going to stores to buy freshly ground coffee beans. It is more practical and convenient to buy a manual coffee grinder. With this equipment, you can prepare fresh coffee every single time you want a delicious cup of coffee.

Now, here’s the thing. There are two main categories of coffee grinders: manual and electric coffee grinders. But among these two, the perfect choice for beginners and every coffee lover out there is a manual coffee grinder.

The Perks of Manual Coffee Grinder

A manual coffee grinder is a great addition to the kitchen. It allows you to grind whole coffee beans before brewing. Since the coffee grounds are fresh, the aroma and unique flavor of the coffee stays. Likewise, coffee is more delicious when using fresh coffee grounds.

Note that electric and automatic grinders apply more friction. Grinding coffee beans at a higher speed slightly increases the coffee’s temperature. Even the minimal rise in temperature can change the taste of coffee grounds. It is another reason why the manual coffee grinder is better. Manual grinders don’t heat coffee beans during the process. Thus, the grounds preserve its natural taste and aroma.

You can also use any brewer with a manual coffee grinder. It allows you to change the grind setting that matches the brewers.

If you travel a lot or frequently go on camping, you can buy a portable manual coffee grinder at any leading store. A portable manual coffee grinder is less bulky and convenient to carry around, unlike automatic grinders, which are heavier. As an example, you could check here to find out today’s best-seller on-the-go manual coffee grinder.

Are you low on the budget? Never fear, for manual coffee grinders are budget-friendly options. It is more affordable rather than automatic versions. Likewise, it is accessible in any store. You could find it both at physical and online distributors. However, make sure to get a manual coffee grinder from a legit store and trustworthy brand.

Is it Worth Your Money? 

Manual coffee grinders are as powerful as electric grinders without the complexity of wires and programs. Premium quality manual coffee grinders generally perform better than their competitors. And you get to avail of this type of machine for a more affordable price. It is a 100% good value for the money.

More Tips

Experts always advise beginners like you to be smart in choosing a coffee grinder. Make sure to get to know the product by reading reviews. Also, don’t hesitate to ask help from reliable online sources run by coffee experts and enthusiasts, like the Brewing Java. Through this source, you will find tips and advice about coffee beans, brewing, to coffee machines.