A Quick Rundown on this Year’s Advanced Programmable Robot Kits for Adults

Choosing the best programmable robot kits for adults is not easy, especially for beginners.

Programmable robot kits aren’t just intended as mesmerizing toys, but a path to learning technological innovations even if the user does not have any background in robotics engineering. For this reason, if you are planning to purchase one, make sure to purchase a kit that will pique not only your interest in robotics but also your knowledge about it.


Here are the most popular robot kits for adults this year that you should consider purchasing:

Makeblock’s Ultimate Robot Kit

The Makeblock’s Ultimate Robot Kit is a premium quality-made 10-in-1 programmable robot that comes with rich features that are ideal for learning robotics, electronics, Arduino programming, graphical programming, and Python programming.

Product Features:

  • Offers ten building forms (Camera Dolly, Robotic Arm Tank, Robotic Bartender, Catapult Ram, 3D Capture B, Robotic Ant, Detecting Robot, Rolling Tank, Self-Balancing Robot, and 3D Capture A)
  • Equipped with Anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts that come with threaded-slot designs, making robot building easy.
  • Equipped with three powerful encoder motors.
  • Wireless control through Bluetooth connection using your smart devices.
  • Easy wiring and doesn’t need soldering.

Bioloid STEM Standard Kit

The Bioloid STEM Standard Kit is a complete robot kit that consists of 7-example robots 21 weeks of educational training. The robot kit has basic programming but with advanced scientific principles such as;

  • 4-bar linkage mechanism
  • Centripetal force
  • Centrifugal force
  • Sound element
  • Steering mechanism
  • Differential gear

The said mechanisms will help you in self-learning in terms of robot building and programming.

Product Features:

  • Equipped with easy to learn robot building and programming (Sequential command robot, Bug Fighter robot, Tumbler robot, Line follower robot, Motorcycle steering for balance, and Smart cart that can avoid obstacles and cliffs).
  • Designed with CM-530 controller that has Dynamixel AX-12W servo motor
  • Powered by 6 AA (Double-A) batteries and or LR6.
  • Designed with RC-100B remote control.

Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod

This interesting programmable robot is designed with natural aesthetics but with an articulate body and leg design. It is designed with three Degree Of Freedom (DOF) legs that enable the robot to walk in any direction.

The Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod is equipped with all the needed hardware to assemble a functional programmable robot, except for the batteries.

Product Features:

  • The realistic and fully-articulated Hexapod with a wide-range of walk-control options.
  • The robot is using 18 Hitec HS-645 servos and an SSC-32 controller with 6 inches of extender cable.
  • It comes with a BotBoarduino microcontroller.
  • Includes standard USB cable

Final Thoughts

There are more best advanced programmable robot kits, designed for young adults and adults that are young at heart, to build and program. However, before picking anything, make sure that the robot you are planning to purchase is easy to build according to your current skills and knowledge in terms of robot building and programming; this is to avoid a waste of time and money. On the contrary, if you think you can do better than the last robot building you’ve had, you may advance to a more complex robot engineering project.

You may visit the sunglass.io website for additional details on the best-advanced robot kits this year.