Squeeze Punching Bags for your Apartment

If you’re someone who wants to stay fit, chances are you’re probably hitting the nearby gym. However, there are some of people that also want that healthy body, but are not able to go to a gym; and are therefore forced to do workouts at home, where space and equipment are so limited.

Boxing is a good sport to exercise with whether you are maintaining your physique or if you’re practicing for matches, and it can be done even with little space requirement. There are now boxing equipment, in the form of punching bags that can now be placed inside apartments, who are known to have restrictions on noise and other stuff that can disturb your neighbors.

Home Fitness Arena, a site dedicated in giving away information, guides, and tips on exercising, has compiled a list of viable options for punching bags; you can use the list as reference to see what the best punching bag for apartment use is.

Best Punching Bag that will Fit in Your Apartment

1. Everlast Dual Station Stand

With a standing punching bag, you can punch this one for exercise, and more! The package of this one comes with the stand on which you’ll be putting the 100-pound bag on, the punching bag itself, and a speed bag. The package also comes with hand wraps at no cost. For this kind of heavy duty bag, Home Fitness Arena recommends placing a mat under the stand to minimize any noise.

2. Quiet Punch bag

Pretty straightforward in the sense that it does exactly what its name is: be a quiet punching bag. This makes the bag perfect in apartments where sensitive neighbors are about. You can set it up wherever you wish, because you don’t have to drill new holes with this bag, unlike many of those found in gyms. All you have to do is to hoist this bag into position and then you can go down to business. Everything that you’ll need to set this one up is already included in the package.

3. Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Punching Bag

A not-so-common heavy punching bag, this one is free-standing unlike many of its counterparts that are hung from the ceiling. Filled with either water or sand, this 250-pound bag can take on a beating, ensuring that you’ll be able to give your all during your exercise routine. Also, this means that you don’t have to drill holes on your ceiling anymore, though it’s recommended that you put the bag over the mat that is included in the package to reduce noise.

4. Sgodde Leather Box Speed Punching Bag

Used in speed boxing, this bag is designed to improve your reflexes and your stamina. Mounted just below the ceiling, this one needs a hook, which can be a downside if your apartment doesn’t allow you to make holes into your ceiling. However, the good thing is that its cord, which is elastic, is designed to suppress noise generation; the cord, which is usually noisy, is not noisy in this bag!

5. EZ Speedway Doorway Punching Bag

This bag’s package can serve two functions: the first as a punching bag, and second as a pull-up bar; thanks to its mounting platform, which is means to be installed over a doorway. Also, the bag manufacturer has great confidence in his product; it has been given a lifetime warranty!

6. Webb Boxing Reflex Light Ball

Like the speed bag, this will also train your reflexes. Though this is actually your typical punching bag, this is more of a target that can help with your reflexes and timing, which would come handy when you want to train in boxing. If you’re not planning to go into boxing, this is still a good way to increase your stamina.

In choosing the punching bag that suits you, you should consider the material that is inside the bag, the mounting accessories, and the durability. Your motive of buying a punching bag also matters; it can turn out that you’ll need more of shadow boxing than a punching bag.

Home Fitness Arena’s suggestions of different punching bags with different uses are a useful reference, and since all of the featured products are found in Amazon, you’re never too far away from getting one. Aim for that great body and get your very own punching bag today!