How to Pick Out the Best Portable French Press

Are you a true coffee lover?

Being a coffee lover makes you meticulous about its preparation and the taste. No surprise there if you can’t help going to a popular coffee shop in your area only to get a cup of this energizing beverage before going to work. You might even have a personal French Press at home to satisfy your coffee cravings.

While all of this may work when at home, or while in a town, however, obtaining a cup of coffee while traveling can be a bit of a problem.

First-class flight offers wondrous beverages including coffee; but what if you are on coach due to limited travel budget? Or, you could be driving on the road with minimal to no chances of finding a decent coffee shop. How can you get a coffee drink?

That is why you need to get a portable French press.

What’s a Portable French Press?

When it comes to convenience and functionality, there’s nothing more like it with a portable coffee French Press. As its name suggests, it functions as the traditional French press, but with a twist. You can carry it around while at work or when you go at long-distance travel.

How to Find a Portable French Press for Coffee?

Know that this item is quite popular in the market. You’ll notice that there are several brands of this product in stores. Then, how can you assure that you are spending money on the right one?

Here’s how to help you pick the best portable French press coffee on the go.

1. Choose a Reliable Brand

Though a product’s brand may not say it all, still it is a huge factor when it comes to selecting a quality purchase.

By selecting a reputable and trusted brand, you can assure the product is indeed a good buy for the money. The product reviews at online sources like the Coffee Break Essentials posts honest and detailed comparisons to help buyers find a quality portable French press for coffee.

2. Know its Ability to Hold Temperature

Only choose portable coffee French press that is capable of holding hot temperatures excellently. Such product can keep the drink’s temperature for long hours. Look for a product with double-wall insulation. This feature guarantees the item can withstand and keep temperatures for extended hours.

3. Is it Leak-Proof?

Not all portable French press for coffee is leak proof. Determine if the product has rubber seals. If it does, the item is leak-proof. The rubber seals prevent the liquid from escaping the tumbler.

4. No Harmful Chemicals

Make sure to choose a product that is BPA-free and has no other chemicals that are dangerous to health.

5. Consider the Design

The best portable French press for coffee has a slim and compact design. A slim bottle can fit in any cup holders and travel bags.

Do you need more tips and advice on how to choose the best travel French press for coffee?

Find out additional guidelines here at the Coffee Break Essentials.