Blenders and Whipped Cream?

Cooking food is an amazing skill to have. If you know how to cook, then you will be able to sustain yourself with good food. You can impress your friends and your family and fill them up to the brim with goodness and deliciousness. You can control your diet too if you know how to cook. You can either keep yourself fit since you know what goes inside your body or you can keep fattening yourself up because you cannot help but taste delicious food. Whichever one it is, cooking is such a great utility.

But cooking is only part of a large field of making food or culinary arts. There are baking and even making drinks in that field of arts. Learning all of those will take time and there are places to learn such things one step at a time. Usually, people learn how to bake or cook from their parents, since they are the ones closest to the, at all times and most of the time they help them to learn how to survive and live; in which cooking and baking are essential skills. You might remember the process of how you are learning like being really careful of handling ingredients, starting from mixing stuff then maybe learn how to cut ingredients with the knife. You might have a few cuts and bruises from knife cuts. You might get burned from hot water or maybe oil every once in a while but that is all part of the learning curve to cooking. It is part of the process; you will not be perfect in the first try. You might need more of a certain ingredient that is necessary for your dish or cake. But all these necessary steps build experience; Experience that a person gains through repeated and dedicated cooking or baking food. However, innovations in the culinary arts are welcomed and many ways to cook, bake, or prepare an ingredient are being discovered day by day, year by year.

Whipped Cream

One of those ingredients that people have learned to prepare in many ways is whipped cream. Whipped cream is something that requires a lot of hand power if you don’t have an electric mixer or even a mechanical hand mixer. If you are using a whisk, it might take some time and effort and maybe a few sweat drops here and there but you will get it. Another obvious way to do it is to use a hand mixer or an electric mixer, which would then reduce the effort required from your hands.

Technological Advances has really helped the field of cooking and baking a lot. Another way to make whipped cream is basically using a bowl. By placing the cold cream inside a container, and then shaking it, you will eventually make whipped cream; although you need to control yourself since shaking it too much might result in something different happening to your cream. However, you can make whipped cream from your blender.

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A Successful Date

Do you still remember your very first date? Chances are it’s been quite some time between that first innocent encounter and your present day reality. It is said that the human brain is wired to remember two things in the long term.

The first is the memory of extreme pleasure such as an astoundingly successful first date.

The second is a memory that elicits extreme pain such as a first date gone terribly and dreadfully wrong. They say that any experience outside of these two emotional extremes fall into the deep, gray abyss of forgetfulness where all your unremarkable memories eventually go to fade.

So what makes a first date or any kind of date in fact, a successful date? The kind of date that can make anyone go googly eyed and blushing even after several years have gone by? The kind of dating experience that leaves a soft, sweet taste of nostalgia on the lips and a tingle in your belly?

Science tells that the skin is the biggest sensory organ in your body. Is it any wonder then that the most memorable dates, for better or for worse, are those where you have allowed certain intimacies to your person? Every person has a sense of personal space and the closer you allow someone to step into your personal space, the more you trust that person. The more you trust that person, the more intimate you can possibly be with that person. This is why touch is a good barometer of intimacy and is most probably the reason why you have come up with the concept of “bases” to quantify levels of intimacy.

So do you want to know more about bases in dating? Yes there is a first, second, third and a fourth base. But what exactly happens on these so called bases? What intimate touches define each base?

Well, pop culture is a wonderful thing. In the early 2000s every other coming of age romantic comedy contained a scene or at least a conversation about “going to first base.” But what exactly does going to first base mean?

Bases in Dating

First base is that first sweet taste someone’s lips on your own. Yes it can be a hesitant or passionate first kiss designed to test the waters.

Up next is second base. With first base done and gone you and your partner are now more comfortable with each other and that personal space discussed earlier is getting thinner. At this stage you now allow each other intimate touches above the waist. This stage can be a bit of a cliffhanger for many.

Things are getting more heated and so you now move on to the third base. If the flag of the second base is found above the waist, third base action is fought and won below the belt.

Last but definitely not the least is the fourth base, or what is more popularly known as the home run. At this point in time personal space is nonexistent and you have hopefully reached a state of sated bliss.

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