Beach Safety Tips: How to Keep Your Family Safe While on Vacation at the Beach

The beach is a favorite summer vacation spot of families. Both adults and kids can do lots of fun on the beach.

Yes, it is wonderful to spend time with family by the shore. However, take note that the beach is not a hazard-free zone. Accidents can happen all the time, especially if you don’t pay attention to warnings. Thus, how can you assure that your family is completely safe by the beach?

Heed these beach safety tips listed below.

#1 Regularly Check Weather Reports

Keep track of the weather condition days before the trip. A rainy and windy vacation at the beach is not something you would enjoy. Waves are bigger when there is a weather disturbance. It can drown a person and even sink a sailboat.

The best time to go to the beach is when the weather is clear and sunny. Also, look out of the tide, especially if you are going with kids.

#2 Familiarize Yourself with the Warning Flags

You will notice that there are certain locations at the beach with warning flags. Watch out for these flags and know what they mean.

Different beaches utilize different colored flags and assign meanings. If you see some around the location, better ask the lifeguard for assurance.

  • Red flags- Indicates strong waves, surf, and currents. It screams ‘Be Careful!’ In some beaches, red means the beach is closed.
  • Yellow flags- Symbolize moderate current, the water is a bit rough, but not entirely hazardous.
  • Green flags- Means the ocean is calm and clear.
  • Blue and Purple flags- A warning that indicates the presence of dangerous marine life like jellyfish or sharks.

#3 Have a Buddy System

It is difficult to avoid the kids to swim when on a beach vacation. Thus, the only way you can protect them is to assign a buddy system.

Make sure your kids have a partner while swimming. In this manner, you can avoid unwanted accidents that can harm your kid’s life.

Also, instruct your kids to be in the lifeguard’s line of sight. If accidents happen, the lifeguard will immediately see you or the kids and rescue.

#4 Stay Sober

Drinks are welcome on the beach, but being drunk is not. Avoid swimming and boating when drunk. Most reports of drowning and boating accidents are due to alcohol. As much as possible, avoid alcohol while on the beach.

#5 Educate Yourself

Educating yourself about the dos and don’ts on the beach will help you avoid accidents. Therefore, before you go on a trip with the family, make sure to find out significant info regarding the place.

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Have a safe and awesome beach vacation with the family!

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