Immersion Blender versus Hand Mixer: Which One to Choose?

Immersion blender and handheld mixers are a few important kitchen devices, especially for the most modern kitchen.

As I thought about this, both the immersion blender and hand mixer have something in common that makes it difficult to choose between the two modern kitchen devices like both devices can be used when beating some eggs or whipping creams. However, it is still, without a doubt, that the two kitchen devices are completely different from each other.

What is an immersion blender? How does it differ from a hand mixer?

An immersion blender is a stick-like kitchen device that is designed with rotating chopping blades that can chop foods into a very smooth consistency. The immersion blender is constructed as a handheld that can be used directly into the bowl or a container with food in it; when immersed into the food to be blended, it exceptionally liquefies the food. This is one of the reasons why more and more food enthusiasts are using an immersion blender when making fine and even consistency puree, smoothies, and shakes than using an ordinary blender.

Hand mixers, on the other hand, are different from the blender in most ways; unlike the blenders, hand mixers aren’t capable of liquefying foods. Instead, it is used to mix ingredients; typically used to make batters and dough but not smoothies or shake.

So, which kitchen device you should keep or purchase?

There is no clear cut what to answer; since people are doing different kitchen routines, it would be best to keep both immersion blender and hand mixer.


Again, blenders are used to not only to emulsify, but also to liquefy ingredients; which is why it used to make recipes such as salsa, sauces, soups, and more. Hand mixers can do simple things such as beating eggs, whipping creams, creating icing, and combining batters. Although an immersion blender can be used to beat eggs or whip some creams, it is not advisable for new cooks to use such kitchen equipment for that purpose. Experts fear that instead of beating the eggs consistently or producing a consistent whipped cream, the result would be disappointing.

In other words, it is advisable to keep both kitchen devices.

Is it expensive to purchase both?

In comparison to other kitchen devices, both immersion blenders and hand mixers are less expensive. If you try to scroll through the internet or check out reliable online shopping sites, you’ll find reliable immersion blenders and hand mixers that are surprisingly inexpensive.

If you are confused which brand you should choose, you can read reliable posts from reliable websites such as Prime Shop Kitchen – a reliable online site that focuses on blenders, mixers, and other kitchen devices.

Final Thoughts

An immersion blender and a hand mixer are two different kitchen devices – one can liquefy ingredients, while the other is designed to simply mix ingredients including making a batter or dough (mostly for baking). So, which one you should purchase? Both would be a good kitchen investment, especially when you love to cook.