Tell-tale Signs of an Approaching Storm

Did you experience putting off activities due to bad weather conditions?

Heavy rains, strong wind, and thunderstorms will definitely ruin your plans. But of course, nothing is predictable with the weather. It changes constantly over time. That is why people are always advised to keep track of weather forecast, so you can prepare of how the day will go.

A storm is one weather condition that most people try to avoid. A high signal storm can damage properties in just a few hours. Moreover, it can cause injuries and may even cost the lives of people.

But what if you have no reliable access to weather forecast?

How can you tell when a storm is approaching? 

There are signs before an approaching storm. These indicators are more than just dark clouds and a constant downpour of rain. There are specific signs that indicate an incoming storm. And, it is important to know these signs to help you prepare for the hazards of a thunderstorm or tornado heading your area.

Sudden Decrease in Temperature

One way to identify an impending storm is through paying close attention to temperature levels. Every season has its specific temperature range; when the temperature outside suddenly drops in low levels, regardless of the season, this indicates that there is an incoming storm. The gradual or sharp drop in temperature is due to the warm humid air below which is colliding with the clouds and dry air above. You can monitor the temperature level by using an outdoor thermometer. You can find the best outdoor and indoor thermometer using Weather Geeks guide.

Dropping Atmospheric Pressure

A sudden decrease of the atmospheric or barometric pressure is a strong indication that a storm is rapidly approaching. If the barometric pressure sharply decreases, the storm will probably approach within 12 to 24 hours later. Atmospheric pressure could not be measured using your senses. You will need an apparatus called a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure.

Visible Dark Clouds

People are very much aware that billowy dark clouds are never a bringer of a good sign. Heavy dark clouds called cumulus clouds is a sign of an incoming bad weather. If the collision of warm and cool temperature balances out with the surrounding air, the cumulus clouds will grow dark rapidly and usually has a low base. This cloud is full of lightning which can lead to thunderstorms. Aside from being dark, clouds also can grow to a sickly green color. This phenomenon is what professionals call as the green lightning. If you see this while you are out, look for shelter fast.

Rapid Wind Changes

Abrupt changes in wind direction and pattern are a sign of an impending storm. You can feel the sudden exchange of wind pressure or direction without an instrument. Thus, if you do experience it, look for a sturdy shelter where you can stay until the weather is clear.

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