Buyer’s Guide: Tips for Selecting Solar Backpacks

A solar backpack is one of the innovative equipment that had turned into a necessity for people who are always on travel and those who opt for adventure. The benefits of owning one include, but not limited to, emergency situations.

The availability of a source of energy in a place far from civilization or in an unfamiliar place gives you security and freedom to be more adventurous.

How does it work anyway?

If you are planning to purchase a solar backpack, it is essential that you know something about how solar-powered bags work.

Obviously, the solar panels attached to the exterior portion of the backpack absorb the solar light. The solar panel is composed of several photovoltaic cells and silicon as the semiconductor. Once the light from the sun hits the panel, the silicon will start to absorb a considerable amount of energy and light. Then, the electrons that were confined in the silicon will start to get loose and flow freely. Afterward, the photovoltaic cells shall move the electrons to align in one direction (forming an electric current) moving into the batteries, stored for later use.

So, what are the things to consider before buying one? Here in this post you will find solar panel backpack buying tips

1.  The voltage of the devices you will be using

It is essential to list down the devices that you often use and carry around; remember that the amount of stored energy from the solar panel to the batteries is not similar to the continuous flow of power that you can get from the traditional electricity. So, if you plan to carry your laptop, camera, smartphone, and more, make sure to purchase a solar backpack that can store and produce higher voltage than your devices.

2. The demand for power

You have to remember that most of the solar backpack do not offer same time charging and discharging of batteries. So, if you demand most of your devices’ power during the day, you have to allow your backpack to recharge during the day and have your devices charge during night time. However, if it requires you to charge your device during the day, it is best to bring extra power banks with you.

Moreover, if your device demands a lot of power all throughout the day, you have to find a solar-powered backpack that can charge and discharge 100 percent full battery.

3. How much sun will you get?

Solar panels can achieve a full length of power if it were able to collect full or enough energy throughout your expedition. However, if it was cloudy, rainy, or your trail was covered with trees, expect to have a reduced power output. If you plan on camping, it would be wise not to solely rely on your solar backpack. You have to look for an extra portable solar module that you can bring with you.

Final Words

How to find the right solar backpack?

One of the best tricks when choosing the right solar backpack is reading reliable product reviews, blogs, and by joining forums; for instance, you may visit to read reliable evaluations about the trending solar-powered backpacks.

There are several solar backpacks that you can choose from; however, the essential thing to consider before choosing one, learn how to maximize your device’s batteries so that you won’t have problems with the availability of power.