A Guide to Glamorous Makeup: Steps on How to Contour and Put Highlighters On

Right contouring and highlighting are important in describing an on-point makeup. It helps you enhance features and emphasize every end and line of the face. The problem is; contouring is not an easy job. In fact, it is one of the most challenging parts when applying makeup. If you are new to makeup transformation and glamorous makeup application, below are the steps on how to apply proper highlight and contour your face.


Step #1: Use proper lighting


When applying a makeup, proper lighting is important. It allows you to be precise and accurate at the same time. If you have noticed, most professional makeup artist uses mirrors with lights similar to those popular Hollywood vanity table with lights because the artificial natural lights can provide a balanced illumination that can give you a more realistic view on how the makeup would look like.


Step #2: Use the right shade and the texture.


The key to contouring is choosing the right shade and texture. If you are to choose contouring products, make sure to choose not more than two colors that are deeper than your current complexion. For instance, if you have a darker complexion, you should choose warmer and cognac colors. For lighter to deep-colored skin tones should try grayish brown and taupes shades.


Step #3: Refrain from contouring almost everything.


The sense of contouring is emphasizing the lines; however, if you contour almost all, everything will go wrong. What you need to focus is the forehead, the cheeks, the jaw-line, and the nose. First – You need to start from the middle of the ear. Then – Move towards the corner of the mouth. Lastly – Stop at the mid-cheek. Shading shall depend on your preferences.


Step #3: Start layering


Layering is a process of an “invisible contouring”. This part, you need to begin the process with a light application. Then, you may add a color that will look slightly-carved with your lines.


Step #4: You need to refrain from using shimmering products.


Using shimmer products will reflect the light. The best product to use when contouring is the matte taupe shades and some cool brown colored shades. These shades obviously absorb light than shimmering products. What you need to do is save the shimmers with the highlighters.


Step #5: Start to balance everything using the right highlighter and the brush.


Choose highlighter that has the same texture with your contour products; you may use powder, cream, or liquid highlighter. Then apply some highlighter below the eyes and at the top of the cheekbones – this will help brighten your complexion – then, add enough gleam. If you are having a hard time looking for the right contouring area, you may smile while your mouth is closed, this will make your cheek look puff, which makes it easier for you to apply the highlighter. Apply the contour accordingly and do not settle for good, make it the best. If the Kardashians were able to rock the industry, so can you. All you need is enough practice and trust in yourself.