Top Guitar Effects Pedal that Every Guitarist Should Have

Have you seen a professional electric guitarist who keeps stepping onto something when performing?

Those are guitar effects that are made in the form of foot pedals and each pedal consists of knobs, switches, and buttons. Most of these are organized on a pedalboard; to make it work, the guitarist has to step on the pedals to turn on and off the effects throughout a song.

What exactly is the guitar effect pedal?

The pedals are made to control the sound of the guitar tone, creating a new flavor – a special sound effect – or a more polished one. It helps tune the guitar, eliminates unwanted and distracting noises, and alters the volume of the sound. Guitar pedals can also work on acoustic guitars, bass, and even bass; however, the most popular is the electric guitar.

Are you planning to have your own set of a guitar pedal for the first time? You can check DigiPedal for guitar pedal brand review and advice; but before that, you should know the basic details about guitar pedals to make it easier for you to choose between multitudes of guitar pedals that are available in the market today.

First, you should know the basics of ‘signal flow’, which starts with the guitar connecting to the gain stage pedals, followed by the frequency pedals, next is the modulation pedals, the sixth is the time pedals, and lastly, the amp.

The Different Types of Guitar Pedal According to the Effects

Guitar pedals are categorized according to their effects or use.

A gain-staging effect is the first chain of the ‘signal flow’; the purpose of the pedals under this category is shaping the foundation of the tone. The pedals under gain-staging effect include the following:

  • Gain-boost pedal
  • Overdrive pedal
  • Distortion pedal
  • Compression pedal
  • Volume control

Frequency effects are the second chain of the flow; it filters the effects from the raw gain-staging effects, which is often harmonically complex sound. The pedals under this category include:

  • Equalizer pedals
  • Wah-wah and Envelope Filter pedals
  • Pitch shifter or the Harmony pedals

The third on the chain of the ‘signal flow’ should be the modulation effects. The modulation effect pedals have a special spot on pedal boards, between the frequency effect pedals and the time-based effects medal. It alters the signal strength or the tonal properties to create a better vibrato. Modulation includes the following pedals:

    • Tremolo and Vibrato
    • Chorus and Flanger
    • Phaser or Phase Shifter


The fourth one on the list is the time effects; these types of effects provide deep and spacious guitar tone or texture. The following are examples of Time-Effects pedal:

    • Delay
    • Reverb

There are more guitar effects pedals that you should know and should consider having if you are planning to become a professional in this field, these include:

  • Loopers
  • Multi-effects pedals
  • Loop switches
  • Amp Emulation
  • Instrument Modeling

If you need additional detail about Guitar Effects Pedals, you may visit DigiPedal’s official website – a reliable review site for guitar pedals. Also, get some very useful advice about guitar pedals on the said website.

Is Dockers Men’s Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford worth Spending Money?

A man always dresses to impress. Well, it is a fact that no one can deny. A well-dressed man looks more handsome and alluring than not. A perfectly pressed and sharp suit is only a fraction of the ensemble. The well-polished dress shoes complete that sleek and classy look.

Footwear can change one’s outfit from good to best. And choosing the wrong one will also ruin the style. It is why handpicking the right footwear is crucial. Moreover, you must choose the right type of shoe for specific occasions like formal events, business, and casual outings.

A pair of quality shoes comes at a big price. You will have to spend hundreds to thousands only get durable and sleek shoes for every occasion. Unfortunately, not all have that kind of budget in their pockets.

If you are a bit low on cash and looking for high quality dress shoes, choose a worthy investment like Dockers Men’s Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford.

Why Choose Dockers Men’s Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford?

If you have been hunting for the best dress shoes to buy this 2019, you probably have crossed this name. Dockers is a well-known brand of high-quality footwear. This brand offers a wide variety of shoes, including for formal events to casual use. And, reviews about this brand name says, their products are worth considering.

One of the best-seller shoes of Dockers Men is Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford. It is popular for several reasons. And why is that? Check out the features and advantages of this footwear below.

1. Leather Made

This footwear is guaranteed durable since it is made using leather- a well-known tough material for shoes. The upper part of the shoes also came from polished full-grain leather. The refined stitching of the product adds strength to it. With proper care and maintenance, the shoes can last for many years.

2. Comfortable 

The Dockers Men’s Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford is built for both comfort and practical use. It features perforated cushioning insoles, padded collar, and cap to provide the best comfort tot feet. Furthermore, the midsole is impressively lightweight and flexible. These aspects make the footwear an ideal choice for work and daily use.

3. Excellent Traction

The rubberized outsoles of the shoes offer superb traction. This feature allows your feet to have a good grip and stability. Hence, you can move quickly and comfortably even on slippery floors with this footwear.

4. Absorbs Moisture

Walking and standing up all day long makes the feet sweaty. The sweat causes your feet to get warm and sticky. Likewise, the discomfort it brings, and the smell is unbearable.

To answer these issues, Dockers input moisture-wick leather lining on the shoes. It absorbs moisture from sweat, keeping your feet feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

5. Versatility at an Affordable Price

This footwear is good for casual, business, and formal events. Thus, you no longer have to get one pair of shoes for each occasion. The best thing is this; this footwear is affordable.

No doubt, Dockers Men’s Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford is a worthy investment. If you need more details regarding this product, go to Comfortable Dress Shoes.

It is More than a Game: Revealing the Benefits of Playing Video Games

Video games are everywhere. You can see kids to adults playing while waiting on a line, at the park, in diners, or while riding public transportation. Moreover, notice the surmountable video games available at stores and even online. No surprise that it is dubbed as the most popular past time activity in this modern society.

Some people who are not into video games are wondering why many individuals are so invested in this activity. For them, it makes no sense, since all a person does when playing video games is trying to get points and win.

Will it make a difference if people would know that video games are more than a simple hobby? Probably yes.

According to recent studies, playing video games also offers benefits to a person. The thrill and satisfaction a person obtains from this activity prove to have a beneficial impact on mental and emotional health. If you want to find out the advantages of playing video games, try to check it out below.

#1 An Effective Stress Reliever

Did you know that one of the reasons why many adults play video games is to break-free from work pressure and stress?

Video games are where a person can take out his frustration, anger, and other emotions that cause stress. Likewise, there are video games designed for such specific purposes. These types of videos are usually fun and rewarding. It helps the mind relax and release all the tension that could lead to acute stress and even depression.

Remember that keeping stress is unhealthy. It might trigger health issues like high blood pressure, heart problems, chest pain, and anxiety.

The Digital Games Hub is a great post to read that explains video games as a stress-reliever. You can check out this website to find out more details about stress and video games.

#2 Exercises the Mind

Not all video games are all about guns, magic, and survival. Some video games feature a theme that supports mind exercise. These games are often logical and have puzzles. It allows the brain to work its cognitive aspects and memory.

If you want a simple activity that could help boost brain functions, try researching for the best mind video games.

#3 Socialization

Video games, especially online games can build a society that shares a common love for it. Hence, playing video games is not a solitary activity. One can also gain friends with this. Moreover, a person can use video games as a way to hang-out with friends and family members.


Indeed, video games can be healthy. However, there is a boundary to playing video games. Investing so much time to such activity can interfere with studies, work, and productivity. Therefore, if you want to experience its benefits, play video games with moderation. Allocate a specific time for this activity; don’t let it monopolize your schedule.

Do you want to find out more about video games?

Figure out the benefits and basics of video games here at Digital Games Hub. This platform is an excellent source for beginners who want to get to know more about this popular modern activity.

Squeeze Punching Bags for your Apartment

If you’re someone who wants to stay fit, chances are you’re probably hitting the nearby gym. However, there are some of people that also want that healthy body, but are not able to go to a gym; and are therefore forced to do workouts at home, where space and equipment are so limited.

Boxing is a good sport to exercise with whether you are maintaining your physique or if you’re practicing for matches, and it can be done even with little space requirement. There are now boxing equipment, in the form of punching bags that can now be placed inside apartments, who are known to have restrictions on noise and other stuff that can disturb your neighbors.

Home Fitness Arena, a site dedicated in giving away information, guides, and tips on exercising, has compiled a list of viable options for punching bags; you can use the list as reference to see what the best punching bag for apartment use is.

Best Punching Bag that will Fit in Your Apartment

1. Everlast Dual Station Stand

With a standing punching bag, you can punch this one for exercise, and more! The package of this one comes with the stand on which you’ll be putting the 100-pound bag on, the punching bag itself, and a speed bag. The package also comes with hand wraps at no cost. For this kind of heavy duty bag, Home Fitness Arena recommends placing a mat under the stand to minimize any noise.

2. Quiet Punch bag

Pretty straightforward in the sense that it does exactly what its name is: be a quiet punching bag. This makes the bag perfect in apartments where sensitive neighbors are about. You can set it up wherever you wish, because you don’t have to drill new holes with this bag, unlike many of those found in gyms. All you have to do is to hoist this bag into position and then you can go down to business. Everything that you’ll need to set this one up is already included in the package.

3. Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Punching Bag

A not-so-common heavy punching bag, this one is free-standing unlike many of its counterparts that are hung from the ceiling. Filled with either water or sand, this 250-pound bag can take on a beating, ensuring that you’ll be able to give your all during your exercise routine. Also, this means that you don’t have to drill holes on your ceiling anymore, though it’s recommended that you put the bag over the mat that is included in the package to reduce noise.

4. Sgodde Leather Box Speed Punching Bag

Used in speed boxing, this bag is designed to improve your reflexes and your stamina. Mounted just below the ceiling, this one needs a hook, which can be a downside if your apartment doesn’t allow you to make holes into your ceiling. However, the good thing is that its cord, which is elastic, is designed to suppress noise generation; the cord, which is usually noisy, is not noisy in this bag!

5. EZ Speedway Doorway Punching Bag

This bag’s package can serve two functions: the first as a punching bag, and second as a pull-up bar; thanks to its mounting platform, which is means to be installed over a doorway. Also, the bag manufacturer has great confidence in his product; it has been given a lifetime warranty!

6. Webb Boxing Reflex Light Ball

Like the speed bag, this will also train your reflexes. Though this is actually your typical punching bag, this is more of a target that can help with your reflexes and timing, which would come handy when you want to train in boxing. If you’re not planning to go into boxing, this is still a good way to increase your stamina.

In choosing the punching bag that suits you, you should consider the material that is inside the bag, the mounting accessories, and the durability. Your motive of buying a punching bag also matters; it can turn out that you’ll need more of shadow boxing than a punching bag.

Home Fitness Arena’s suggestions of different punching bags with different uses are a useful reference, and since all of the featured products are found in Amazon, you’re never too far away from getting one. Aim for that great body and get your very own punching bag today!

A Welding Quiz for Everyone

Welding is a crucial part of the modern industrial sector; the seemingly simple act of joining special thermoplastic or metal parts together creates a whole new range of possibilities for the industry to innovate, especially in the creation and repair of materials. Indeed a common practice in industrial works, there are so many things to learn about welding.

For this, We Love Quizzes has made a quiz on welding. Specializing on making quizzes with answers regarding a wide range of topics, We Love Quizzes’ questions on welding is designed to provoke a considerable amount of thinking on professional welders and newbies alike. The quizzes in the site are good in the sense that they can help you refresh your knowledge on the particular topic and give you a sense of fulfillment, knowing that you still know much about a topic.

Their Quiz and The Site

Since the quiz is designed for professionals and amateurs at the same time, expect a sound balance of basic questions and advanced queries in the field of welding. This is an excellent approach in creating such a quiz; online quizzes can only contain so many questions on topics that can get really wide. Featuring 31 questions with corresponding answers that you can view anytime, the welding quiz covers subtopics such as hazards in the welding industry, the origins of welding, and even in the different kinds of materials and gases used in different kinds of welding.

If you’re a professional and you wanted to get a perfect score, you’ll need to retain whatever welding basics you’ve learned the moment you started your craft. If you’re an amateur welder, you can take this opportunity to get acquainted of the stuff that are being asked in the quiz that you’re familiar yet; for example, the quiz would ask about   the effects of using different gases, which is probably a bit difficult for beginners to distinguish. They’re not only trivia questions; they’re relevant knowledge to those working in the industry.

While the We Love Quizzes’ site is plainly laid out; it has quizzes and nothing much else aside from the means of reaching out to whoever’s behind the site through the external links conveniently placed around the site. It can be observed, however, that the set of questions in the topics just repeats themselves; they are not randomly generated and thus this one for welding, for example, will have the 31 questions you can answer           today, and they’ll still be the same 31 questions tomorrow. While it is probably hard, it’ll be a great improvement if the questions will be randomly generated to ensure that no quiz will ever be the same. You can take the ultimate welding quiz now at


This means that the quiz has no replay value; it’s only good for the first time. However, the questions are well-thought out and come from different levels of complexity, making up for the shortcoming.

The quiz on We Love Quizzes about welding can make you recall all that you know and push your knowledge on the topic. It may not teach you stuff in a comprehensive way, but it gives you relevant information readily!

Handy Tire Pressure Gauges for You

Some people take it for granted yet it’s one of those factors that can contribute to the satisfaction, performance, and even the efficiency of your vehicle. We’re talking about your tire pressure. All of the aforementioned factors pale in comparison to the impact of your tire pressure to the general safety of your ride; having too little or too much of it can affect your vehicle’s performance and handling! To see if your wheels have adequate tire pressure in them, a tire pressure gauge is used.

Oftentimes, tire pressure gauges are mostly possessed by service stations and other car repair shops; but this does not mean that you can’t get one! In helping you get the ideal tire pressure gauge for you, My Automotive Zone has some suggestions for you. My Automotive Zone is dedicated in giving you tips, reviews, and advices regarding your automobile’s visual appearance and on tire pressure gauges as well. Check out this review and see the best analog tire pressure gauge that suits your preference. If you’re eager to get one right now, know that all of the brands here are available in Amazon, which means that they’ll always be within your reach.

The Best Gauges in the Market

1. Jaco Elite Tire Pressure Gauge

Having a simple analog display, this gauge has a fixed air tube and a brass makeup; making this a durable yet handy gauge. The amazing thing is that the dial glows in the dark, something that is not commonly found in analog tire pressure gauges and the price seems a bit cheap for a gauge of such material composition. There are setbacks however; since the air tube is fixed, you need to stoop down all the way to connect the gauge to your tire, which is by itself no easy task either. It doesn’t have adaptors for other types of tires as well.

2. Dans Auto Professional Grade Tire Pressure Gauge

We’ll have to be honest here; this one is the priciest item in this list of suggestions. However, the pricing is justifiable for several reasons. First, the gauge is made of steel, and the air tube is made of flexible military-grade rubber. Such materials on this gauge easily edges out the other products here. The seemingly high price is the one thing that could put one off this gauge, aside from the fact that it doesn’t glow in the dark.

3. Vondior Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

Boasting a relatively cheap price and a tough-looking exterior, this tire pressure gauge looks like the Jaco Elite Gauge for unknown reasons. This gauge has been certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to be accurate to an error range of just 1% and can measure anywhere from 0 psi to 60 psi; and being five inches long and weighing only three-quarters of an ounce, this gauge’s portability is very sound. You’ll want to be careful with the needle; it has been reportedly stuck on some occasions.

4. Rhino Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

Also certified by the ANSI to be accurate like the Vondior gauge, this gauge has a range of 0 psi to 75 psi. It has a woven eight-inch air tube and has a display that can glow in the dark. Perhaps the only con about this one is that its weight can be a little heavy at a little over eight ounces, and the air tube may not be long enough for the most demanding of car owners out there.

5. DIYCO Digital Tire Inflator and Pressure Gauge

Okay, this one has digital parts, but this is nonetheless a good option for a handy tire pressure gauge, given the fact that this gauge comes with a 3-in-1 adaptor and has a range of 0 psi to 150 psi. Being a device of such sophistication, it is no surprise that this is quite complicated to operate, and the gauge is not certified by ANSI.

One should look into the different preferences one has in buying a tire pressure gauge, such as the measuring range, the means to power the device, and the ease of using the device. It is hoped that this review can give you good ideas on what tire pressure gauge to get, so that you can check your tires for yourself. After all, it’s for the greater good of enjoying one’s ride!

How to Buy a Commercial Griddle

You are about to open your very own restaurant and you can’t explain how happy you are about it! It is perfectly understandable. If this is something that you wanted for a long period of time, seeing your dream come true is surely a feeling which cannot be described in words. However, you still have a lot of work to do until you see the first people entering the doors of your restaurants. For example, you need to select the tools that you and your team will be using in the kitchen. If your menu contains lots of items which require heat before they are served or you have lots of steaks and seafood on it, we recommend you to consider investing money in a commercial griddle. The griddle will become one of the most important tools in the kitchen and the piece of equipment which can help you both prepare items available on the menu and heat others which were prepared before the order.

Since there are numerous factors which you need to take into account when you shop for a commercial griddle in order to make sure that you invest your money in the right one, we recommend you to check out the cookware expert official website before you spend your money. This is a website where professionals in the field are happy to share their experience and knowledge with you, so you will find detailed reviews for some of the best products now available on the market. A first visit on this website will help you understand that there are several types of commercial griddles available, as follows:

  • Commercial countertop griddles. If, by any chance, you forgot about the specially designated space for the griddle when you accepted the design of the kitchen, a commercial countertop griddle can help you cover that mistake. This griddle can basically be placed on any countertop or table that has enough room to accommodate it and that provides access to gas or electricity. These griddles are very practical if you plan to accept offsite events, so they surely represent a good, affordable choice.
  • Drop-in griddles. Those who knew right from the beginning that their menu will involve a lot of recipes which require the use of a griddle. For these people, a drop-in griddle represents the best possible choice. While a countertop griddle might seem like it stands in the way, this is not going to happen when you opt for a drop-in griddle. It is true that such griddles require a more complicated installation process but they will have their special, devoted space.
  • Teppanyaki griddles. These griddles are a subset of drop-in griddles and are usually found in Japanese restaurants. What is special about these griddles is that the heating element is located right in their center; as a result of this, the edges are a bit cooler. This means that you can both cook on these griddles and warm other foods at the same time. How cool is that?

How to Pick Out the Best Portable French Press

Are you a true coffee lover?

Being a coffee lover makes you meticulous about its preparation and the taste. No surprise there if you can’t help going to a popular coffee shop in your area only to get a cup of this energizing beverage before going to work. You might even have a personal French Press at home to satisfy your coffee cravings.

While all of this may work when at home, or while in a town, however, obtaining a cup of coffee while traveling can be a bit of a problem.

First-class flight offers wondrous beverages including coffee; but what if you are on coach due to limited travel budget? Or, you could be driving on the road with minimal to no chances of finding a decent coffee shop. How can you get a coffee drink?

That is why you need to get a portable French press.

What’s a Portable French Press?

When it comes to convenience and functionality, there’s nothing more like it with a portable coffee French Press. As its name suggests, it functions as the traditional French press, but with a twist. You can carry it around while at work or when you go at long-distance travel.

How to Find a Portable French Press for Coffee?

Know that this item is quite popular in the market. You’ll notice that there are several brands of this product in stores. Then, how can you assure that you are spending money on the right one?

Here’s how to help you pick the best portable French press coffee on the go.

1. Choose a Reliable Brand

Though a product’s brand may not say it all, still it is a huge factor when it comes to selecting a quality purchase.

By selecting a reputable and trusted brand, you can assure the product is indeed a good buy for the money. The product reviews at online sources like the Coffee Break Essentials posts honest and detailed comparisons to help buyers find a quality portable French press for coffee.

2. Know its Ability to Hold Temperature

Only choose portable coffee French press that is capable of holding hot temperatures excellently. Such product can keep the drink’s temperature for long hours. Look for a product with double-wall insulation. This feature guarantees the item can withstand and keep temperatures for extended hours.

3. Is it Leak-Proof?

Not all portable French press for coffee is leak proof. Determine if the product has rubber seals. If it does, the item is leak-proof. The rubber seals prevent the liquid from escaping the tumbler.

4. No Harmful Chemicals

Make sure to choose a product that is BPA-free and has no other chemicals that are dangerous to health.

5. Consider the Design

The best portable French press for coffee has a slim and compact design. A slim bottle can fit in any cup holders and travel bags.

Do you need more tips and advice on how to choose the best travel French press for coffee?

Find out additional guidelines here at the Coffee Break Essentials.

Gas Smokers: The Whys and The Best Available

When you hear the word smoking, you tend to think of a few different things. The one that this article is going to talk about this time involves food and cooking; mainly talking about smoking your food. Smoking food is a different way to cook food yet it gives variety to the meals that you are able to provide to your family. Thus, if you want to smoke some of your meat, vegetables and fish, you need to acquire a smoker.

Gas Smokers

One type of smoker that is available and easier to use are gas Smokers which provide the smoke with the help of Gas or fuel. If you are looking for the Best Gas Smokers, you may visit this link right here: This article is provided by Pioneer Smokehouses which is a website dedicated to Smoking and all smoking related materials such as advice, reviews and tutorials.

According to what you might read in the article, a gas smoker is better than your regular smokers and even your barbeque grills in terms of convenience. In your conventional grills and smokers, you need to constantly check on the meat and your food if it is already cooked. This takes the heat away for a while for these grills which could result in either overcooking it or undercooking it. Also there have been incidents where you left the grill by yourself and forgot about it, only going back to check and see burnt food. For these gas smokers, it comes with a temperature setter and a timer so that you can leave it behind and still have perfectly cooked food. Convenient, right?

The Factors of the Best Gas Smokers

Now they have considered different factors to find the best Gas Smokers that is available in the market. These factors are Price, Fuel and Size.


Price talks about if the quality of life given by this smoker is worth the price tag it is attached with.


Fuel talks about the amount or convenience of the fuel attached to it or its gas capacity. Usually it pertains to the size of the tank attached to the gas smoker.


Size pertains to how large the device is and how much meat you can cook in it.

They have placed a gas Smoker that is best for each category. The one for price is Pit Boss Grills 77435 Vertical Lp Gas Smoker. They deemed this gas smoker a good investment considering that most of the smokers out there are in the same price range. What makes it stand out is the capacity and the warranty it gives for its price.

The one for Fuel is the Landmann USA 3495GLA Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker, 34 inches. This gas smoker can be connected to a gas tank that is quite big yet it is not one that is directly connected to a main gas line making it a bit less risky of a pipeline fuel leak.

The one for the Size is the Master built Propane Smoker. They say that this one is a comfortable Cabinet-style Smoker.

Feel free to visit the article and read more of the specifics because this is just a summary of what they have discussed. It is a treasure trove of treasure that you can dive into.

Blenders and Whipped Cream?

Cooking food is an amazing skill to have. If you know how to cook, then you will be able to sustain yourself with good food. You can impress your friends and your family and fill them up to the brim with goodness and deliciousness. You can control your diet too if you know how to cook. You can either keep yourself fit since you know what goes inside your body or you can keep fattening yourself up because you cannot help but taste delicious food. Whichever one it is, cooking is such a great utility.

But cooking is only part of a large field of making food or culinary arts. There are baking and even making drinks in that field of arts. Learning all of those will take time and there are places to learn such things one step at a time. Usually, people learn how to bake or cook from their parents, since they are the ones closest to the, at all times and most of the time they help them to learn how to survive and live; in which cooking and baking are essential skills. You might remember the process of how you are learning like being really careful of handling ingredients, starting from mixing stuff then maybe learn how to cut ingredients with the knife. You might have a few cuts and bruises from knife cuts. You might get burned from hot water or maybe oil every once in a while but that is all part of the learning curve to cooking. It is part of the process; you will not be perfect in the first try. You might need more of a certain ingredient that is necessary for your dish or cake. But all these necessary steps build experience; Experience that a person gains through repeated and dedicated cooking or baking food. However, innovations in the culinary arts are welcomed and many ways to cook, bake, or prepare an ingredient are being discovered day by day, year by year.

Whipped Cream

One of those ingredients that people have learned to prepare in many ways is whipped cream. Whipped cream is something that requires a lot of hand power if you don’t have an electric mixer or even a mechanical hand mixer. If you are using a whisk, it might take some time and effort and maybe a few sweat drops here and there but you will get it. Another obvious way to do it is to use a hand mixer or an electric mixer, which would then reduce the effort required from your hands.

Technological Advances has really helped the field of cooking and baking a lot. Another way to make whipped cream is basically using a bowl. By placing the cold cream inside a container, and then shaking it, you will eventually make whipped cream; although you need to control yourself since shaking it too much might result in something different happening to your cream. However, you can make whipped cream from your blender.

If you want to know more about it, feel free to visit Prime Shop Kitchen, a website dedicated to blender reviews and advice and everything that you can do with them.